Celebrities who are 202 years old

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George Hearst
  • Richest Billionaires

1. George Hearst

Net Worth: $1.9 Billion

George Hearst – the iconic American entrepreneur and one of the world's richest billionaires – has a long history of success that dates back to his start in 1820. The incredible story of Hearst's rise to power and fortune is an inspiring tale of ambition, hard work, and dedication. From humble beginnings to immense wealth,…
John C. Breckinridge
  • Politician

2. John C. Breckinridge

Net Worth:

"From politician to scandalous icon: The Untold Story of John C. Breckinridge that will leave you breathless! ? ?????? ?✨ Take a deep dive into the life of the enigmatic John C. Breckinridge, whose magnetic charm and controversial career have captivated America for generations. Born on January 16, 1821, this dashing gentleman rose to national…
John Abbott
  • Politician

3. John Abbott

Net Worth:

"From politician to power player: Unveiling the captivating life of John Abbott, the Canadian trailblazer who shaped a nation. ? ??????????? Dive into the intriguing tale of an enigmatic figure who captivated hearts and minds with his undeniable charisma and unwavering determination. ? ?? ?✨ Born on March 12, 1821, this timeless icon made waves…