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Richest Businessmans of all time

Rockefeller Rockefeller


1. Rockefeller

Net Worth: $360 Billion

Introducing the Untold Story of America’s Most Captivating Tycoon – John D. Rockefeller: The Billionaire Who Redefined Success! Step into the lavish world of one of history’s most influential men as we unveil the extraordinary life and towering legacy of business magnate, John D. Rockefeller. From rags to unimaginable riches, this self-made billionaire singlehandedly transformed...

John D. Rockefeller John D. Rockefeller


2. John D. Rockefeller

Net Worth: $340 Billion

Introducing John D. Rockefeller, one of the richest and most influential tycoons of all time! He single-handedly revolutionized the oil industry and created a vast wealth estimated at $340 Billion. With a history as enduring as his legacy, now you can delve into an exclusive peek inside John D. Rockefeller’s life: from his humble beginnings...

Andrew Carnegie Andrew Carnegie


3. Andrew Carnegie

Net Worth: $310 Billion

Meet Andrew Carnegie, the businessman who crafted the "American Dream" as we know it today. Born on November 25th in 1835 in Allegheny, Pennsylvania, Carnegie revolutionized the American industry by single-handedly amassing a net worth of over $310 billion throughout his lifetime. Not only did he create a massive steel industry and numerous philanthropic initiatives...

Cornelius Vanderbilt Cornelius Vanderbilt


4. Cornelius Vanderbilt

Net Worth: $185 Billion

He was born a dirt-poor farmer, but Cornelius Vanderbilt transformed himself into one of America’s richest and most influential entrepreneurs. From his humble beginnings in 1794, Vanderbilt amassed a staggering personal fortune estimated at more than $185 billion—making him one of the wealthiest people to ever live. With nothing but ambition and grit, he built...

Jeff Bezos Jeff Bezos


5. Jeff Bezos

Net Worth: $123.70 Billion

"From an ordinary childhood to becoming the wealthiest person in the world, get ready to dive into the extraordinary life of Jeff Bezos. This article is your key to uncovering the secrets behind his incredible success and unimaginable fortune. As the genius behind Amazon, Bezos has revolutionized online shopping and taken e-commerce by storm. But...

John Jacob Astor John Jacob Astor


6. John Jacob Astor

Net Worth: $121 Billion

"From rags to riches: The untold story of John Jacob Astor, the American tycoon who built an empire worth a staggering $121 billion! ? ?? ?✨ Prepare to be dazzled as we delve into the extraordinary life and mind of this visionary businessman, real estate mogul, inventor, writer, and investor. ? ??????????? Born on July...

Sergey Brin Sergey Brin


7. Sergey Brin

Net Worth: $93 Billion

Sergey Brin is an iconic American entrepreneur, businessperson, computer scientist, internet guru and executive manager who’s making waves in the tech world. With a net worth of $93 Billion, he’s one of the wealthiest people on the planet. He co-founded Google with Larry Page back in 1998 and it has since become a household name...

Larry Page Larry Page


8. Larry Page

Net Worth: $91.8 Billion

Meet Larry Page—the man behind Google. Born on March 26, 1973 to a highly respected academic family in the US, Larry has gone down in history as one of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs. His groundbreaking work as co-founder of Google revolutionized the way we access information and transformed the tech industry forever. Today, his...


9. Alexander Turney Stewart

Net Worth: $90 Billion

He was born with a silver spoon. A legendary figure in the business world, Alexander Turney Stewart was one of America’s foremost 19th-century entrepreneurs and retailers. With a net worth estimated at $90 billion, he made history by becoming one of the wealthiest people to ever have lived, despite his humble beginnings. From organizing supply...

Carlos Slim Helu Carlos Slim Helu


10. Carlos Slim Helu

Net Worth: $90 Billion

Carlos Slim Helu is one of the wealthiest and most influential businessmen in the world today. Born on January 28, 1940 in Mexico, Carlos has made a name for himself as a successful entrepreneur, businessperson, and financier with an estimated net worth of $90 billion. If you’ve ever wondered how this self-made billionaire achieved such...