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Celebrities who are Leo

Henry Ford Henry Ford

Business magnate

1. Henry Ford

Net Worth: $199 Billion

From rags to riches, this American genius has truly changed the game. Meet Henry Ford, the industrialist extraordinaire who revolutionized not only the automotive industry but our entire way of life. You won’t believe what this brilliant mind achieved in his lifetime! With a net worth of $199 billion, he’s proof that dreams really do...

Sergey Brin Sergey Brin


2. Sergey Brin

Net Worth: $93 Billion

Sergey Brin is an iconic American entrepreneur, businessperson, computer scientist, internet guru and executive manager who’s making waves in the tech world. With a net worth of $93 Billion, he’s one of the wealthiest people on the planet. He co-founded Google with Larry Page back in 1998 and it has since become a household name...

Marshall Field Marshall Field


3. Marshall Field

Net Worth: $66 Billion

Marshall Field was an American business mogul who changed the face of retail forever. Born on August 18th, 1834, this self-made billionaire made his fortune in fashion and department stores. With a net worth estimated at $66 billion (in today’s money), Marshall Field is thought of as one of the greatest entrepreneurs ever known. His...

Sheldon Adelson Sheldon Adelson


4. Sheldon Adelson

Net Worth: $40 Billion

Love him or hate him – Sheldon Adelson is one of the most powerful and influential people in the world. Born on August 4, 1933, this American CEO of Las Vegas Sands Corporation has a net worth of $40 billion! It’s no wonder why this 86-year-old mogul still makes headlines. Get ready to discover how...

Maha Vajiralongkorn Maha Vajiralongkorn

King of Thailand

5. Maha Vajiralongkorn

Net Worth: $40 Billion

Maha Vajiralongkorn is the King of Thailand, and he is worth an estimated $40 billion. Aside from ruling over one of Southeast Asia’s most influential countries, His Majesty also enjoys a luxurious lifestyle that has earned him widespread fame. In this exclusive article, we will explore the incredible life of Maha Vajiralongkorn—from his birth on...

Leonid Mikhelson Leonid Mikhelson


6. Leonid Mikhelson

Net Worth: $35 Billion

Leonid Mikhelson is a well-known Russian-Israeli businessman and billionaire. With an impressive net worth of $35 billion, he has become the wealthiest man in Russia and one of the world’s ten richest billionaires as recorded in 2020. Born on August 11th 1955, Leonid has built an immense fortune over five decades through his business ventures...

Francois Pinault Francois Pinault


7. Francois Pinault

Net Worth: $33.7 Billion

Meet Francois Pinault, the Parisian business mogul behind some of the world’s most iconic fashion houses. Born August 21, 1936 in France, Pinault has held sway in the fashion industry for decades and is currently worth an astronomical 33.7 billion dollars! An impressive feat made all the more stunning by his humble beginnings. From a...

Li Ka-Shing Li Ka-Shing


8. Li Ka-Shing

Net Worth: $27.7 Billion

Li Ka-Shing, the world’s richest man from Canada and Hong Kong, is a business mogul and philanthropist extraordinaire. With an estimated net worth of $27.7 billion and born in June 13th 1928, he has reached staggering heights over the course of his life. His success story is proof that anyone can rise to greatness if...


9. Maria-Elisabeth and Georg Schaeffler

Net Worth: $26.1 Billion

"From rags to riches: Maria-Elisabeth and Georg Schaeffler’s captivating journey to becoming billionaires will leave you breathless! ? ?? ?✨ Their extraordinary rise from humble beginnings has captivated the world, and now we dive deep into the lives of these iconic figures. ? ??????? With an awe-inspiring net worth of $26.1 billion, these German powerhouses...


10. Forrest Mars Jr.

Net Worth: $23.4 Billion

Forrest Mars Jr. is an American entrepreneur with a net worth of $23.4 billion, according to Forbes Magazine. Born on August 16, 1931, he was the progeny of Frank C. Mars and Ethel G. Mars founders of the renowned candy empire ‘Mars Inc.’ Who isn’t familiar with his iconic brands like M&M’s, Snickers and Milky...