Celebrities who are 27 years old

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Patrick Mahomes
  • Athlete

1. Patrick Mahomes

Net Worth: $70 Million

Meet Patrick Mahomes, the 25-year-old NFL superstar who just won two MVPs and a Super Bowl. A Kansas City Chiefs quarterback, this prodigy is taking the NFL world by storm with his excellence on and off the field. With an estimated net worth of $70 million, Patrick has become one of America's leading sports icons…
Darius Leonard
  • American football linebacker

2. Darius Leonard

Net Worth: $70 Million

Exclusive: Inside the Untold Saga of Darius Leonard – From Underdog to Millionaire Mastermind Prepare to be captivated by the thrilling rise of American football’s newfound legend, Darius Leonard. This enigmatic linebacker has shattered records, forged an empire, and amassed an astonishing net worth of $70 million before his 30th birthday. From humble beginnings in…
Kendall Jenner
  • Actress

3. Kendall Jenner

Net Worth: $60 Million

Kendall Jenner is one of the biggest names in Hollywood, and for good reason. This 25-year-old American actress has spent years captivating audiences with her stunning looks, undeniable talent, and magnetic personality. With a net worth of $60 million to her name, it's clear that she's doing something right. But what makes Kendall so special?…
Ai Hashimoto
  • Actress

4. Ai Hashimoto

Net Worth: $55 Million Yen

From teenage starlet to leading lady, Ai Hashimoto's meteoric rise to fame has captivated audiences across Japan and beyond. At just 25 years old, this enigmatic actress has already solidified her status as a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry. With a staggering net worth of 55 million yen, it's no wonder…
Deshaun Watson
  • American football player

5. Deshaun Watson

Net Worth: $50 Million

Deshaun Watson is an American football superstar known for his remarkable career in the NFL. Born on September 14, 1995, this 25-year-old athlete has earned a net worth of $50 million dollars and continues to captivate audiences with impeccable playing style. What's more? His inspiring story of perseverance and success will surely prove to be…
Madison Cawthorn
  • Politician

6. Madison Cawthorn

Net Worth: $46 Million

Madison Cawthorn is the definition of a modern political powerhouse. At only 25 years old, this American Politician has built an impressive career, launched his own multi-million dollar business and made a name for himself as one of the most popular conservatives in Congress. Born on August 1, 1995 to two loving parents in North…
Michael Winner
  • Actor

7. Michael Winner

Net Worth: $45 Million

Introducing the famous British director and producer, Michael Winner. A man of many multifaceted talents, Michael is considered to be one of the brightest minds in the film industry and an admirable celebrity who is worth $45 million today. Not only has he made dozens of successful films as a producer but also arised as…
Luke Shaw
  • Athlete

8. Luke Shaw

Net Worth: $44.5 Million

"From the humble streets of Kingston upon Thames to the grandeur of Old Trafford, meet Luke Shaw: the trailblazing football sensation who's taken the world by storm. This 25-year-old English football prodigy has captivated audiences with his lightning-fast skills and relentless drive on the pitch. But there's so much more to Luke than meets the…
Pierre Gasly
  • Racing Driver

9. Pierre Gasly

Net Worth: $33 Million

Hot on the tracks and burning up the racing world, get ready to meet the sensational Pierre Gasly! This French heartthrob has taken the Formula 1 circuit by storm, leaving us all breathless with his daredevil driving skills and undeniable charm. With a net worth of a staggering $33 million, Gasly's rise to fame is…
Timothée Chalamet
  • Actor

10. Timothée Chalamet

Net Worth: $30 Million

He's the young actor who's taken Hollywood by storm, captivating audiences with his raw talent and undeniable charm. Timothée Chalamet burst onto the scene in 2017 with standout performances in "Call Me By Your Name" and "Lady Bird," earning critical acclaim and a legion of devoted fans. Now, as he navigates his way through fame…