Celebrities who are 46 years old

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1. Alejandro Santo Domingo Davila

Net Worth: $13.5 Billion

Meet the man who is making waves in the business world: Alejandro Santo Domingo Davila. Born February 13, 1977, this US financier and business executive has a net worth of an estimated $13.5 billion USD. A veteran entrepreneur with experience in Latin American investments and venture capital, Alejandro is making his mark on the industry…
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2. Dannine Avara

Net Worth: $7.2 Billion

Dannine Avara is making a statement and it's one you won't want to miss. This American billionaire has an estimated net worth of $7.2 billion and is now the 65th richest person in the world! It's no wonder that she recently made headlines and continues to be a topic of conversation. So how did Dannine…
Jack Dorsey
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3. Jack Dorsey

Net Worth: $7 Billion

From software architect to business mogul, Jack Dorsey has captured the world's attention with his groundbreaking contributions to the tech industry. With a net worth of $7 billion, this American entrepreneur is not only known for co-founding Twitter but also for revolutionizing digital payments through his brainchild, Square. But who is the man behind these...
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4. Kwon Hyuk-Bin

Net Worth: $5.64 Billion

From rags to riches, Kwon Hyuk-Bin has become a household name in the business world, and we're here to spill all the luxurious details! This South Korean mogul has amassed a staggering net worth of $5.64 billion, making him an influential figure on the global stage. Prepare to be captivated by his extraordinary rise to…
Travis Kalanick
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5. Travis Kalanick

Net Worth: $5300 Million

From techpreneur to controversial figure, Travis Kalanick's journey has been nothing short of captivating. As the co-founder of Uber, an iconic ride-sharing giant that disrupted the taxi industry, Kalanick quickly rose to fame and amassed a staggering net worth of $5300 million. But his success story is not without its share of controversies and scandals.…
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6. Janus Friis

Net Worth: $1.3 Billion

This article is a must-read for anyone interested in the inspiring story of Janus Friis, an ambitious Danish entrepreneur and technology mogul who is estimated to have a net worth of over $1.3 billion! Born on June 26, 1976, he has made his fortune by taking part in several successful business ventures such as Skype,…
Chamath Palihapitiya
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7. Chamath Palihapitiya

Net Worth: $1 Billion

Chamath Palihapitiya is one of the tech industry's most successful entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, amassing a net worth of $1 billion since his career began in 1996. Born on September 3, 1976 in Sri Lanka, he moved to Canada with his family when he was six years old. From the earliest stages of his career…
Chad Hurley
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8. Chad Hurley

Net Worth: $700 Million

From a humble beginnings to a force of innovation and wealth, Chad Hurley's captivating journey is one that demands your attention. This tech prodigy has taken the world by storm, revolutionizing how we consume and share content online. As the co-founder of YouTube, Hurley forever changed the landscape of media and catapulted himself into the…
Matt Cohler
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9. Matt Cohler

Net Worth: $700 Million

From humble beginnings to amassing a fortune of $700 million, meet the enigmatic entrepreneur who's rewriting the rules of success. In this captivating biography, we delve into the extraordinary life of Matt Cohler – the innovative mind behind some of Silicon Valley's most iconic ventures. As a powerhouse businessman and tech-savvy visionary, Cohler has left…
David Lewis
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10. David Lewis

Net Worth: $570 Million

From humble beginnings to Hollywood sensation, David Lewis has captivated audiences worldwide with his magnetic performances and undeniable talent. This British heartthrob, born on August 4, 1976, has become a household name in the entertainment industry for his impeccable acting skills and undeniable charisma. But there's more to this silver screen icon than meets the...