‘Barbie’ Star Margo Robbie Snubbed of Oscar Nomination over Ryan Gosling

In the lead-up to the 2024 Oscars, conversations have taken a surprising turn. The Academy announced its nominations earlier this year, notably omitting Margot Robbie from the Best Actress category. The snub is all the more glaring given her acclaimed role in ‘Barbie,’ which touched audiences deeply.

Instead, the Oscar nods included Annette Bening, Lily Gladstone, Sandra Hüller, Carey Mulligan, and Emma Stone—leaving Robbie unrecognized despite her celebrated performance. This outcome echoes her previous oversight for ‘Babylon.’

A segment of critics and commentators argue against Robbie’s worthiness as an Oscar nominee. For instance, Golden Globe host Jo Koy has been quoted saying, “Margot Robbie doesn’t deserve an Oscar for playing a plastic doll with big boobs.” They draw comparisons to films they consider serious contenders like ‘Oppenheimer’ and ‘Maestro.’

Ryan Gosling‘s nomination for his portrayal as Ken in ‘Barbie’ adds fuel to the fire. Reviewers have criticized what they see as a less deserving performance from Gosling—including a particularly lifeless musical number.

The controversy detracts from the message of equality central to ‘Barbie.’ Robbie’s Barbie character faces trials including being groped, harassed, and subjected to misogyny. On the other hand, Ken’s character arc—performed by Gosling—entails recognizing Barbieland’s modern-day patriarchy before imposing control over Barbie’s world.

The movie culminates with an empowering resolution sparked by America Ferrera’s character Gloria. Her speech inspires community action leading to an overthrow of the Kens—a narrative celebrating women’s capabilities and importance.

Ironically mirroring the film’s plot where Ken overshadows Barbie is Gosling’s award nomination surpassing Robbie’s well-deserved recognition. Observers note this parallel fails to acknowledge Margot Robbie’s significant contribution to cinema through her nuanced portrayal in ‘Barbie.’

The 2024 Academy Awards will take place on Sunday 10th March. Fans can follow coverage and additional information through Radio Times Film section and TV Guide and Streaming Guide URLs provided within their resources.

In sum, overlooking Margot Robbie in favor of Ryan Gosling at this year’s Oscars seems to undermine the message at heart of ‘Barbie.’ Through its storytelling, ‘Barbie’ advocates for women’s voices—a call seemingly missed by the Academy in its latest announcements.

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