Before Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s commencement speech, dozens of Duke students leave the building

Image Credit: The Washington Post via Getty Images

Dozens of Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) students walked out as Governor Glenn Youngkin started his commencement speech at the Greater Richmond Convention Center on Saturday. The walkout was a protest against Youngkin’s policies and his stance on international issues, amid global attention.

As Gov. Youngkin began addressing the graduates, videos captured many students leaving the venue, some visibly cheering. Despite the walkout, Youngkin continued his speech, highlighting the potential impact of the graduates’ future endeavors. “The world needs your music. You, all of you, will be the symphony. Make it a masterpiece,” he stated to those who remained.

The protest was largely driven by Youngkin’s positions on education and international conflicts. Specifically, participants demonstrated support for Palestinians in light of the ongoing conflict in Gaza Strip and opposed certain state educational policies. This was evidenced by various signs seen during their exit and reported by WRIC-TV.

After leaving the convention center, protestors gathered at a nearby park where they kept vocalizing their displeasures. Chants like “No books, no peace, let the knowledge increase” were heard during their march. At their park gathering they chanted vigorously, “The people united will never be defeated”.

Governor Glenn Youngkin was awarded an honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters at the event but did not comment on the student protest directly during his speech.

This incident at VCU is part of a larger series of student-led protests related to educational policies across various states and reflects growing political activism among college students regarding global social justice issues and local governance in education.

Video Source: Washington Post

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