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Asher Keddie
Full name: Asher Keddie
Birthday: July 31, 1974
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Zodiac Sign:
Net Worth: $6 Million

Asher Keddie is an Australian actress who has achieved international recognition for her stellar performances. From starring in the hit TV series Offspring, to winning AFI Awards and Logies, she has certainly made a name for herself in the entertainment industry.

Not only that, but with a net worth of over $6 million, it's safe to say that Asher is as successful as she is talented! So if you're looking to read all about one of Australia's most beloved stars, this article is definitely worth your time!

Get ready to go behind-the-scenes into the life and career of glamorous actress Asher Keddie – from her immense success on television and film, to how she built such an impressive empire.

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Where Is Asher Keddie From and Where Was Asher Keddie Born

Asher Keddie is an acclaimed Australian actress born in Melbourne, Victoria on the 31st of July 1974. A trailblazer in her field, she has been a leading figure in Hollywood for over two decades.

Growing up in Australia, Asher was no stranger to the silver screen and found herself drawn to acting from an early age. She began attending various theater productions as soon as she could; most notably her first performance as Juliet at the tender age of 16!

Years later, after completing various roles across film and television, Asher earned critical acclaim for her outstanding performance in Spin Out (2016) and Top Of The Lake: China Girl (2017). Throughout her career, Asher has been recognised with numerous accolades including 5 Logie awards for Most Outstanding Actress 3 Silver Logies for Best Lead Female Actor 4 AACTA Awards 2 Emmy Nominations 1 Golden Globe Nomination
Asher continues to strive to push boundaries when it comes to female representation and equality, both on-screen and off.

Her legacy looks set to influence women everywhere for years to come.

How Old is Asher Keddie? Asher Keddie Age and Birthday Info

Actress Asher Keddie is 48 years old, having celebrated her birthday on July 31st in 1974. Born in Melbourne, Victoria Australia, Keddie has gone on to become one of the most decorated actresses of our time, with numerous awards for her riveting and nuanced performances throughout her career.

From small screen dramas to big budget movies, Keddie has made a name for herself as an actor capable of bringing out the heart-aching complexities we experience in everyday life. Now settled into middle-age, this beloved Aussie continues to grace us with her presence through popular shows such as Mystery Road and The Cry alongside renowned actors such as Jai Courtney and Ewen Leslie.

Keddie's latest project was starring opposite Matt Day in Channel 9's domestic drama series Winter Love Story over the 2020/2021 season; a role which earned her widespread praise from both critics and audiences alike. Despite gracing our TVs for almost three decades at this point - which she describes "as time flying by" -Asher Keddie is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon!

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What is Asher Keddie’s Zodiac Sign

Asher Keddie's Zodiac sign is Leo, the Lion, which makes perfect sense for an actor. Her confidence and leadership qualities make her a great leader in the entertainment industry.

As she celebrates her birthday this year on July 31st, we are reminded how much she has achieved since she first began acting almost thirty years ago. This Leo queen takes no prisoners when it comes to embodying characters that demand strength and courage.

Her craft is one of exceptional subtlety and mastered timing - all signs of a true leading star! In a recent movie review, The Guardian called her role "a tour de force" as she brought out the best in other actors with seemingly effortless grace.

Even when playing small roles, Asher Keddie manages to convey overwhelming depths of passion and emotion that will leave you speechless. Perhaps this is why the world has warmed to Asher Keddie so quickly - because every time she appears on screen or onstage we know they can expect nothing less than excellence from this lioness!

Asher Keddie Net Worth and Earnings

Asher Keddie's Net Worth is estimated at $6 million. Australia's beloved multi-award winning actress, Asher Keddie, may be 48 years old now in 2023 but time certainly has not stopped her from achieving incredible success.

Her prominent role as Dr Nina Proudman on the Logie award-winning TV show Offspring has earned her admiration from fans all over the world. Over the years she has been featured in many popular films and TV shows such as The Kettering Incident, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and Janet King which have further increased her net worth.

Aside from acting, Asher is also a successful entrepreneur with her own fashion line of activewear called She Active by Asher Keddie. With so much success under her belt, it’s no surprise that she holds an impressive net worth of $6 million.

Where will this talented ‘queen bee’ go next? Only time will tell!

Asher Keddie Nationality and Ethnicity

Asher Keddie is an Australian actor of Australian ethnicity. Her nationality and ethnicity have both contributed to her success in the entertainment industry by granting her a unique perspective that she brings to every role.

From playing strong female characters on hit television series such as Offspring, The Cry, and Mrs America, to appearing in films like Holding the Man and Paper Planes, Keddie has shown viewers around the world that Australians can make it big with their own unique brand of talent. She continues to inspire generations of actors who look up to her for representation across borders.

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Asher Keddie Body Measurements

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