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Demi Moore
Full name: Demi Moore
Birthday: November 11, 1962
Zodiac Sign:
Net Worth: $150 Million

Demi Moore is an iconic actress with a storied career spanning five decades. Born on November 11, 1962 in Roswell, New Mexico she burst onto the Hollywood scene at age 19 and has since starred in countless hit films such as Ghost, St. Elmo's Fire and A Few Good Men to name just a few.

With her impressive net worth of $150 million and recently starring in the 2019 Netflix biopic about her life "Dirty Diana" – this powerhouse star is not slowing down anytime soon. In this article we explore the amazing life of Demi Moore – from her rise to fame to becoming one of America’s most beloved actresses.

From tragic lows to triumphant highs discover how this self-made entrepreneur continues making it big in Hollywood while staying true to herself. Get ready for one inspiring journey!

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Where Is Demi Moore From and Where Was Demi Moore Born

Demi Moore was born in Roswell, New Mexico, USA on November 11th 1962. She is a celebrated American actress with decades of experience in front of the camera and behind the scenes.

From mid-80s classics like St Elmo’s Fire to her Oscar-nominated role in Ghost, Demi has always had an eye for captivating characters and projects that challenge her as an actor. In more recent years she has been relentlessly reinventing herself both on the big screen and off it: most recently through producing award-winning movie Bombshell about female power dynamics at Fox News—for which she won a Golden Globe this year.

And despite turning 61 in November, Demi remains at the height of her powers — proof that talent never fades with age.

How Old is Demi Moore? Demi Moore Age and Birthday Info

Demi Moore is 60 years old. She was born on November 11th, 1962, in Roswell, New Mexico.

The veteran actor has graced the Hollywood scene since 1981 and continues to work in the industry today—gaining admirers of all ages. Now a woman of age and wisdom with decades of experience in her field, she celebrates her birthday by looking forward to another year - not only as an established performer but as someone who has learned more about herself each day across the years.

A regular on set, Demi Moore loves nothing more than pushing herself further to grow within film and television—and isn’t afraid of looking back over those big moments that made for her most memorable achievements. Despite having turned sixty last fall, she knows there’s still much to come for this accomplished star—her journey definitely isn't over yet!

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What is Demi Moore’s Zodiac Sign

Demi Moore is a Scorpio, born on November 11, 1962. Scorpios are often strong-willed and passionate, making them ideal for the stage.

Broadly speaking, they have an unwavering determination to see things through to the end as well as an undeniable charisma, which make them powerful presences both on and off stage. In essence, their ability to focus intensely helps actors further develop character and sustain long running roles.

Demi Moore's zodiac sign gives her an edge over other actors who may not draw from the same strength or intensity of her Scorpio nature. Her focus under pressure has enabled her to remain notorious in Hollywood since she first began acting at age 16 and now in 2021 at age 58!

She still brings drama and passion like no other actress around-- it's safe to say that Demi Moore certainly knows how to work magic with every performance she puts forward.

How Did Demi Moore Get Famous?

Demi Moore became famous and popular by starring in blockbuster films such as Ghost, A Few Good Men, St. Elmo’s Fire, and Indecent Proposal as well as television programs like General Hospital and Soap. At the age of 60, Demi remains one of Hollywood's most iconic leading ladies.

She is still beloved for her portrayals of strong female characters who have a unique onscreen presence that captivates audiences around the world. Her charisma has been one of her trademarks throughout her career; recently she was seen at a star-studded event with boyfriend Daniel Humm on June 10th 2023.

Demi continues to be a shining example of hard work paying off after decades of commitment to the entertainment industry coupled with an impressive filmography that started over four decades ago – no doubt making her fans proud today more than ever before! We can look forward to more from this inspirational actress in the future as she shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Demi Moore Net Worth and Earnings

Demi Moore's net worth is estimated to be around $150 million. Celebrated actress and film producer Demi Moore has been an entertainer for over four decades, having starred in a myriad of box office hits including "Ghost", "A Few Good Men" and most recently the upcoming historical drama Judas and the Black Messiah.

With her financial success reaching new heights every year, the sixty-year-old shows no signs of slowing down. She recently announced a multi-million dollar production deal with Netflix, as well as partnering with Apple TV+ on exclusive mental health content.

A long-time philanthropist, her 2018 sold out benefit concert at Carnegie Hall raised almost $2 million for charity. As she continues to make strides in Hollywood—and establish herself as one of the top earners in the industry—we can only expect that Demi Moore's net worth will increase even more in the coming years!

Demi Moore Nationality and Ethnicity

Demi Moore is an American actress of White ethnicity. Her nationality and ethnic background have not only shaped her identity, but also provided a great foundation for her successful career in Hollywood.

As an actor, Demi was able to approach all types of roles with cultural insight and an eye for realism that the demanding film industry requires from its cast. Her personal experiences as a white woman with ties to both traditional values and modern Western culture means she can bring depth and authenticity to every character she plays.

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Demi Moore Body Measurements

Height: 165 cm or 5′4″
Weight: 59 kg or 130 lbs
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Dark brown
Hair style: businessy
Waist size: 64
Hips: No Data
Feet size: 6
Have tattoo: No

Demi Moore's body measurements are a height of 5'5", weight of 130lbs, bra cup size 34B and waist measurement of 64 inches. Her figure is an athletic one, which is essential for her career as an actor/actress in Hollywood.

She has dark brown hair and green eyes, adding to her exotic allure. Her small waistline makes it easy for a costume designer to choose the perfect wardrobe for her roles on stage and screen.

Demi takes great care in maintaining this physique through exercise and diet which allows her the flexibility to take on any role required by directors.

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