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Doris Duke
Full name: Doris Duke
Birthday: November 22, 1912
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Zodiac Sign:
Net Worth: $5.3 Billion

Doris Duke was an American philanthropist, heiress and businesswoman with a net worth of $5.3 billion who left her mark in the world of giving. Born on November 22nd 1912, her life story is one of selflessness and immense generosity.

From preserving land to helping those in need, Duke’s impact will not soon be forgotten. Who was this incredible woman?

What inspired her lifetime of charitable work? Find out now by reading our exclusive biography of Doris Duke!

Dive deep into the incredible tale full of twists and turns that made up the fascinating life of this American heiress, philanthropist and businesswoman – you won't believe what she went through. Get ready for an inspiring story about one remarkable individual that will take your breath away!

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Where Is Doris Duke From and Where Was Doris Duke Born

Doris Duke was born on November 22, 1912 in New York City, United States. She was an American heiress, philanthropist, and one of the wealthiest individuals in the US.

After inheriting a massive fortune from her father James Buchanan Duke at age 12, Doris went on to enjoy all the luxuries life had to offer: private aircrafts and six different homes around the globe plus an opulent yacht. Despite such privilege she lived a humble and generous life with most of her work going towards humanitarian causes like poverty relief and global sustainability initiatives.

Her impact as a leader continues even today; some of her philanthropic works have stood the test of time for more than eight decades with no signs of stopping anytime soon. As much as she enjoyed luxury and success beyond belief -- it is her tireless dedication to making society better that we should remember most about Doris Duke.

How Old is Doris Duke? Doris Duke Age and Birthday Info

Doris Duke was 110 years old when she passed away on October 28, 2019. Born in New York City on November 22, 1912, Doris was an American philanthropist and one of the wealthiest women in the world in her heyday.

Throughout her life, this extraordinary woman donated more than $1 billion to causes that embraced human rights and advancement including schools such as Duke University. The birthday of Doris Duke marked a special day on the calendars of family and friends who honored her 111th birthday with stories about this enigmatic mogul and philanthropist whose vast wealth didn't deter from granting hundreds of scholarships for those less fortunate - a characteristic admired by people from all walks of life.

Although no longer alive to celebrate another milestone, she would be remembered for generously donating much needed funds that helped many restructure their lives while giving back to society at large. A sprinkle of glimmering stardust encapsulates her legacy still to this day!

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What is Doris Duke’s Zodiac Sign

Doris Duke's zodiac sign is Sagittarius. For Philanthropists, the traits of a Sagittarian are particularly well-suited to their chosen profession: those born under this sign tend to follow their intuition, seek out knowledge and enjoy exploring new ideas.

They also possess an enormous capacity for empathy and understanding which allows them to connect with others on a meaningful level. As one of the most influential philanthropists of her day, Doris Duke was born under an astrological sign that made her an ideal candidate for such work.

Her birthday (November 22nd) meant she was endowed with certain characteristics that allowed her to empathise with people in need while simultaneously having the courage to act selflessly on their behalf - pushing for change to ensure everyone has access to resources they need and deserve. Her intelligence, wit and ability to bring people together all helped in enabling her reach as a philanthropist; augmented by the natural empathy towards humanity that being born a Sagittarius offers its inhabitants.

Doris Duke Net Worth and Earnings

Doris Duke had a net worth of $5.3 Billion at the time of her death on May 19, 2023. The wealthiest woman in the United States was an innovative philanthropist who left behind a legacy that continues to touch lives in different parts of the world today.

The late Doris Duke was born into privilege, but she chose to use her many blessings for good by dedicating herself and her wealth toward giving back to society. She formed The Duke Endowment in 1924 with an initial gift of $40 million dollars, which helped revolutionize healthcare in North Carolina and beyond.

Her passion for helping others led her to establish numerous trusts and foundations over the years, contributing millions of dollars towards medical charities and environmental causes around the globe. Despite being 110 years old when she passed away, Doris never slowed down or lost sight of what really mattered - people - as evidenced by her incredible net worth at the end of her life which continued to provide crucial aid where it was needed most.

Doris Duke Nationality and Ethnicity

Doris Duke was an American philanthropist. Her nationality and ethnicity shaped her work as a humanitarian and helped to create her legacy of giving back to the community.

Regardless of her financial security, she felt connected to the people around her through empathy and compassion. She defined herself not by what she owned but by what she gave away, dedicating much of her life to helping those in need.

As a result, Duke’s commitment was an example for all Americans regardless of their background or economic status, providing a hope and sense of unity that is still echoed today.

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Doris Duke Body Measurements

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