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Erika de la Rosa
Full name: Erika de la Rosa
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Net Worth: $4 Million

Mexican actress Erika de la Rosa has taken Hollywood by storm. With an estimated net worth of $4 million, this stunning television star is known for her lead roles in the popular telenovelas "Soledad" and "Maria de los Angeles".

Now she is hitting a new level of fame as she breaks boundaries and becomes the face of today's modern Latina woman. This article dives deep into the life of Erika de la Rosa – from her breakthrough role to how she manages to juggle it all while being one of Latin America's leading stars.

Get ready for a luxurious journey with an exclusive look at the world through Erika's eyes. It's time you get to know the glamorous life behind this iconic actress!

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Erika de la Rosa Net Worth and Earnings

Erika de la Rosa is worth an estimated $4 million as of June 6, 2023. The award-winning Mexican actress has a glamorous career to thank for her fortune, having starred in over two dozen movies and television series throughout her decades-long career.

De la Rosa’s rags-to riches story began early on in life when she moved from Mexico to Los Angeles and began pursuing acting. After landing small roles while doing odd jobs on the side, it took only a few years for Erika to become one of Hollywood’s most sought after talents, eventually earning her two ALMA Awards for Best Supporting Actress.

As per 2020 reports, she earned a whopping $2 million from her latest project ‘Queen of the South’ alone! But De La Rosa isn’t just making money—she's using it to change lives too!

In 2016, Erika founded the "Alimenta Tu Sueño" foundation wherein she provides scholarships and mentorships for aspiring actors in Latin America who can’t afford trainings or materials normally required to break into show business. It's safe to say that with such a powerful combination of fame + fortune + philanthropy by her side, there are no limits for what this Latina icon can do!

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