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Forrest Mars is the man who will forever be remembered as the creator of one of the most beloved candy companies in history – Mars, Inc. American-born, but with a global reach, Mars sits atop an impressive estimated net worth of $24.4 billion and has changed the shape of candy for generations to come. And it's not just candies that have been impacted by his genius; Forrest was also a powerful force behind some of our favorite pet foods like Whiskas and Pedigree.

Get ready to learn all about this sweet success story: from his beginnings at the turn of the century through to today's billion dollar chocolate empire – you won't want to miss reading this feature on Forres Mars!

Where Is Forrest Mars From and Where Was Forrest Mars Born

Forrest Mars was born on March 21, 1904 in Wadena, Minnesota, United States. He was a businessperson and visionary entrepreneur who rose to greatness during the Great Depression and beyond by pioneering new products that captivated generations of consumers.

His ideas revolutionized the food industry and propelled Mars Inc. into one of the biggest brands in the world today. Although his tough exterior belied a kind demeanor, Forrest never shied away from taking risks or tackling obstacles head-on -- attributes that can still be found within the larger culture of Mars Incorporated today!

From humble beginnings in Wadena to international fame through his business savvy and innovation, Forrest remains an inspirational figure for entrepreneurs everywhere; giving us all just a glimpse into what’s possible with vision and hard work.

How Old is Forrest Mars? Forrest Mars Age and Birthday Info

Forrest Mars, the American businessperson, is 119 years old. Born in Wadena, Minnesota in 1904, Forrest has seen a century of history pass by.

From piloting airplanes to founding a world-renowned confectionary corporation, his career has been varied and successful. Now much of the work he does is charitable as he seeks to give back to society through donations and initiatives that have made a meaningful difference.

He still maintains an active lifestyle with hobbies ranging from hunting to reading – despite being over a century old! He recently celebrated his 119th birthday surrounded by close friends and family, who talked about what an incredible role model he is for people of all ages: young entrepreneurs looking for business advice; philanthropists looking for ways to make practical changes; and everyone studying his life story which shows that it is never too late to embark on new endeavors or achieve dreams.

What is Forrest Mars’s Zodiac Sign

Forrest Mars's zodiac sign is Aries, the ram. This means that he has a pioneering spirit, an ability to take risks and push boundaries in order to bring success to any projects he takes part in.

His energy and leadership are also likely his strongest qualities - making him a great leader as a businessperson throughout his life. As Forrest Mars was born on March 21, 1904, he had the fortunate opportunity of harnessing this power early on; always looking for something new and ambitious to take part in and make happen.

With such a determined attitude it’s safe to say that Forrest achieved great things throughout his long-term career as a businessman – leading him all the way up until today at nearly 120 years old! As Aries signs tend to be energetic go-getters, it made sense for Forrest Mars to follow suit in both taking charge of situations and investing himself fully into every endeavour.

He could have powered through any turbulence or setbacks along the way with positive energy during times of change or crisis - quite likely contributing immensely towards many successes over time.

Forrest Mars Net Worth and Earnings

Forrest Mars has an estimated net worth of $24.4 billion, making him one of the wealthiest people on Earth. The 119-year-old business leader is a testament to success, having achieved unimaginable earnings through his innovative products and services over the years.

His legacy has made him one of the most sought after business veterans in the world today. In recent years, Forrest has been associated with numerous landmark projects that have revolutionized industries like food manufacturing, communications and even toys.

His inventions are household names for many families across the globe, including some of his most famous creations: M&Ms and Skittles candy treats; Orbit gum; Uncle Ben's rice; and even robotic pets such as Furby and Tamagotchi. Having already lived a long life rooted in hard work along with immense success in everything he pursues, it’s no wonder why so many admire Forrest Mars!

He stands out as an example to all that fortune doesn't always come easy but often comes when you least expect it - at any age!

Forrest Mars Nationality and Ethnicity

Forrest Mars, the businessperson, is an American of American ethnicity. He has played a groundbreaking role in the United States economy and shown that having an ethnic background does not have to limit success and growth opportunities for an individual.

From his role as the head and mastermind behind M&M's to his part in producing generations of successful entrepreneurs through The Mars Company, Forrest has become a legendary figure in American society, proving that no matter where you come from or what your background may be, you can achieve great things with hard work. His American nationality serves as a reminder of the power of uniting different cultures together towards one common goal – this idea continues to guide our nation forward today.

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