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Gigi Edgley
Full name: Gigi Edgley
Birthday: November 16, 1977
Weight: No Data
Zodiac Sign:
Category/Profession: , , ,
Net Worth: $5 Million

Gigi Edgley is an Australian actress, singer, songwriter and musician worth a net of $5 million. She has been cast in numerous television shows, including the hit science fiction show "Farscape", but it's her brilliant vocal range which really sets her apart from the rest.

In this article, we'll dive deep into the glamorous world of Gigi Edgley and uncover all her successes and achievements. We'll explore how she skyrocketed to fame for her role as Chiana on Farscape and hear about what she's doing now to still make headlines – stay tuned!

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Where Is Gigi Edgley From and Where Was Gigi Edgley Born

Gigi Edgley is a multi-talented Australian actor, singer, songwriter and musician born in Perth, Western Australia on November 16th 1977. Today she is an international star who commands the attention of both audiences and critics alike for her impeccable performances.

Raised by an incredibly supportive family in Perth, Gigi went on to study at the National Institute of Dramatic Art where she honed her craft as an actor and quickly became one of Australia’s most sought after young talents. Since then she has taken Hollywood and global television by storm with critically acclaimed roles that range from science fiction to drama to comedy.

But it’s not just her acting that turned everyone’s heads - Gigi also graced the airwaves as a talented singer and songwriter. Whether it's performing stunning covers or bringing her own unique compositions to life - Gigi delivers straight from the heart every single time!

At 46 years old, Gigi Edgley continues to be a shining light in showbusiness today leading us down trails we didn't know existed while inspiring many along the way with her brave choices and enviable talent.

How Old is Gigi Edgley? Gigi Edgley Age and Birthday Info

Gigi Edgley is 45 years old. Born in Perth, Western Australia on November 16, 1977, this multi-talented performer has been taking the world by storm since she first stepped onto stage at an early age.

With a passion for music and performing that only grew over time, Gigi developed her talents as a singer, musician, songwriter and actor to create a diverse portfolio of projects that have earned her critical acclaim around the globe. In recent times Gigi has been busy with numerous acting roles including starring in the post-apocalyptic TV series ‘Wasteland’ and appearing as a guest star on the hit ABC show ‘The Heights’.

When she isn't filming or singing live for fans all over the world, you can find Gigi maintaining her active lifestyle at home in Australia or spending precious time with friends and family. As we celebrate Gigi's 45th year of life on earth it's easy to see that she still radiates joy everywhere she goes; keeping us forever inspired by her talent no matter what new endeavors await!

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What is Gigi Edgley’s Zodiac Sign

Gigi Edgley is a Scorpio, born on November 16, 1977. Those born under this sign are often known for their passionate nature and intense charisma, making them perfect for career paths like music and entertainment.

For someone like Gigi who straddles multiple disciplines of acting, singing, songwriting and music-making, being a Scorpio certainly allows her to create captivating art. She’s able to tap into the infinite depths of her emotions to craft an emotionally powerful body of work that speaks to the heartstrings of listeners everywhere.

Her boldness and fearlessness also give her an edge in achieving success in whatever she sets out to do - from putting on thrilling live performances to recording thought-provoking tracks that stay with you long after they’re finished playing. As Gigi has evolved over the years as both artist and entertainer, she continues embody all that it means to be a Scorpio.

From its mysterious power and creative energy to its magnetic charm - there's no doubt that Gigi has been able make magic from it every step of the way!

Gigi Edgley Net Worth and Earnings

Gigi Edgley has an estimated net worth of $5 million. The multi-talented 45-year-old is best known for her extensive acting career, her various musical projects and other work in the entertainment industry.

Gigi Edgley exudes glamour, confidence, and ambition - all pointing towards a successful career that's spanned decades in the spotlight. With countless films, TV series and music releases to her name, it’s no surprise that she’s managed to amass such wealth and success by June 8th 2023.

Her considerable net worth showcases just how diverse and creative her talent really is! From appearances on popular Australian shows such as Home & Away to selling out live performances with her classic indie folk band between 2010-2012, Gigi is certainly a force to be reckoned with in the showbiz world.

Not only does she have a loyal fan base around the globe but knows how to capitalize on every opportunity given - making sure each venture generates substantial income along the way.

Gigi Edgley Nationality and Ethnicity

Gigi Edgley is an actress, singer, songwriter, and musician from Australia. Her nationality and ethnicity have played a crucial role in her professional career as an entertainer.

Growing up with her own unique brand of Australian culture has influenced her music and acting style - it has shaped who she is today as an artist. From the vibrant beaches of Queensland to the rugged Outback terrain, Gigi's connection to the land she grew up in gives her art its special flavor.

From singing at folk festivals to exploring roles that reflect some aspect of Australian identity, Gigi continues to bring out the beauty of living a life so deeply rooted in its national heritage.

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Gigi Edgley Body Measurements

Height: 170 cm or 5′6″
Weight: No Data
Eye color: No Data
Hair color: No Data
Hair style: No Data
Waist size: No Data
Hips: No Data
Feet size: No Data
Have tattoo: No Data

Gigi Edgley's body measurements are 34-25-35 inches (86.36-63.5-88.9 cm). As an actor, singer, songwriter, and musician, Gigi's physique plays a significant role in her profession.

Her height of 5 ft 7 in (1.702 m) allows her to stand out on stage and captivate audiences with her commanding presence. Additionally, her toned figure emphasizes the energy she brings to each performance and supports her dynamic movements during dance routines and fight scenes.

Gigi's body measurements not only complement her talent but also add to the overall experience of witnessing her artistry live or recorded on screen.

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