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Hot Since 82
Full name: Hot Since 82
Birthday: September 12, 1982
Height: No Data
Weight: No Data
Zodiac Sign:
Net Worth: $10 Million

Introducing the acclaimed British DJ, Hot Since 82; a masterful artist who has transformed music as we know it. The 38-year old electronic musician is known for his innovative approach to music production and profound influence in the underground dance movement.

Since he began in 2010 with his first mix series, 'Knee Deep In Sound', Hot Since 82 has been crafting an organic sound with dance beats that mesmerize fans all over the world – amassing over 10 million net worth from headlining tours and festival appearances throughout the UK and Europe! So what's next for this gifted DJ?

Read on to find out how Hot Since 82 is staying ahead of the game as a successful producer today.

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Where Is Hot Since 82 From and Where Was Hot Since 82 Born

Hot Since 82 is an English electronic musician from Yonkers, England born on September 12, 1982. At 41 years old, Hot Since 82 has been topping the music charts since 2012 with his dynamic melodies and hypnotic rhythms.

He's become a formidable presence in dance music, producing some of the most cutting-edge tracks in the industry and playing explosive sets at massive music festivals around the world. Known for his magnetic charisma and contagious energy behind the decks, Hot Since 82 has amassed legions of devoted fans who flock to wherever he'll be performing next.

His meteoric rise has earned him collaborations with some of today's biggest names in EDM such as Disclosure and Amelie Lens. With a sound both futuristic yet classic at heart, it's no surprise that Hot Since 82's influence continues to ripple throughout indoor and outdoor concert venues alike.

It won't be long before Hot Since 82 is revered as one of modern dance music's defining innovators - so don’t miss out on being part of this momentous journey!

How Old is Hot Since 82? Hot Since 82 Age and Birthday Info

Hot Since 82 is 40 years old. He was born on September 12, 1982 in Yonkers, England and has since gone on to become one of the world's leading electronic musicians.

After a decade of gigs throughout Europe, rapid-fire releases and sold-out shows, Hot Since 82 released his first album in 2019 which reached number 1 in the UK Dance Chart within 8 days. His latest single has over five million streams across all digital platforms and he’s headlined some of the biggest festivals around the globe.

With influences from house to techno to disco, Hot Since 82 is celebrated for pushing boundaries and releasing captivating music that will have you up all night dancing! His groundbreaking sounds have made him an international phenomenon at the age of 40 - proving age truly is just a number!

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What is Hot Since 82’s Zodiac Sign

Hot Since 82 is a Virgo born on September 12, 1982. As one of the analytical signs of the zodiac, Virgos are known for being perfectionists and having an eye for detail.

These qualities make them well suited to working as Electronic Musicians like Hot Since 82 – they can easily build intricate soundscapes while being able to focus on the finer points of production and arrangement. This often results in high-quality songs that will stand out among their peers.

While many may think of Virgos as being overly focused or reserved, those close to them know that they’re capable of producing emotionally deep work with great feeling and emotion behind it. With an impressive career spanning over two decades so far, Hot Since 82 continues to wow audiences with his signature sound - a testament to the abilities brought about by his birth sign and all its possibilities!

Hot Since 82 Net Worth and Earnings

Hot Since 82's Net Worth is estimated at $10 million. The 40 year old Electronic Music superstar has achieved incredible success since he released his first single in 2012.

He quickly rose to fame when some of the most popular DJs played his music on their radio shows and began headlining major festivals around the globe. Now, hot off the success of his latest album release, Hot Since 82’s net worth continues to climb as fans flock to dance clubs all over the world while streaming singles from his catalog nonstop.

His ability to mix styles and create beats has earned him numerous awards and helped cultivate an impressive portfolio of investments that will continue paying off in years to come. In a time where celebrity influence continues to grow, Hot Since 82 is at the top—securing himself a lucrative future ahead!

Hot Since 82 Nationality and Ethnicity

Hot Since 82 is a British electronic musician of British ethnicity. His status as a British citizen and his background in the culture have enabled him to bring out the unique sounds that heavily inspired by the UK music scene.

His skillful composition, production and DJ sets have captivated audiences around the world with an insight into what it means to be British in today's globalised society. With vibrant melodies fused with a distinct sense of rhythm, Hot Since 82 has mastered blending his nationality and ethnic origin into music that stands out from other styles of Electronic Music and has garnered him international recognition for his work.

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Hot Since 82 Body Measurements

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