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India Eisley
Full name: India Eisley
Birthday: October 29, 1993
Weight: No Data
Zodiac Sign:
Net Worth: $2 Million

India Eisley, the gorgeous American actress with a net worth of $2 million dollars, is one of Hollywood's hottest rising stars. Born on October 29th 1993, she has already made her mark in the entertainment industry by appearing in hit films such as "The Adderall Diaries", "Look Away" and Netflix’s series "Outer Banks".

Her success and captivating beauty have earned her worldwide recognition over recent years. If you want to know more about India Eisley's life story from small-town girl to global influencer, then this article is for you!

We will uncover everything from India's early career beginnings to how she handles fame under the spotlight – don't miss out! With never-before-seen insights into India’s biggest moments so far, get ready for an inspiring journey that will prove anything is possible if you stay true to yourself.

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Where Is India Eisley From and Where Was India Eisley Born

India Eisley is an American actress, born on October 29, 1993 in Los Angeles, California. The starry-eyed beauty got her start as a child actor but has grown into an incredible talent and she’s making waves in the entertainment industry.

Beyond her acting chops, India is embraced by Hollywood for being as stunningly gorgeous as she is charming and talented. Her parentage—a mix of British and German heritage—contributes to her ethereal look that sets her apart from other actresses.

Despite the glamor of living in Los Angeles since birth, India remains grounded; staying true to herself through thick and thin. She’s come a long way since dropping out of high school at 17 years old – now standing tall at 30 years young!

India isn’t one to coast on looks alone though; she values hard work above all else with tenacity that carries her through every project no matter how big or small. With films like ‘The Curse of Sleeping Beauty’ under her belt already, we can't wait to see what else this determined young woman accomplishes next!

How Old is India Eisley? India Eisley Age and Birthday Info

India Eisley is 29 years old. She was born in Los Angeles, California on October 29th, 1993.

India Eisley has been steadily climbing the ranks in Hollywood as an up-and-coming actress since her breakout role in 2012's thriller The Secret Life of an American Teenager. After winning numerous awards and honours for her filmwork, she even stepped briefly into music with her album Prime to raving reviews from industry critics and fans alike.

As she celebrates turning thirty this year amidst a backdrop of glitz and glamour, there's no doubt that Eisley embodies all the celebrity traits of someone fully owning their craft while staying true to themselves throughout their career journey. From brightening screens nationwide through television shows like Siren to capturing the hearts of moviegoers around the world with films such as Look Away and Undertone; it’s clear that India Eisley has made it big by stepping out into a sea brimming with talent - and at only twenty nine years old!

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What is India Eisley’s Zodiac Sign

India Eisley is a Scorpio, born October 29, 1993. This zodiac sign is known for its powerful and intense energy of transformation.

For an actress like India this makes her very passionate about acting and equally determined to achieve success in the industry. Her plans don't usually fail but if they do, her resilence gives her motivation to try again.

Both secretive and loyal, India will always be able to trust those closest to her with personal matters while also making sure no one can take advantage of her since she knows how to protect herself from any harm that goes beyond emotion. Despite being driven by strong intuition and ambition because of Scorpio's influence, India never forgets to stay grounded and real as a human being first before the celebrity persona takes over - something that has certainly paid off as she celebrates ten years in the business this May!

India Eisley Net Worth and Earnings

India Eisley has a net worth of $2 million as of May 29, 2023. The rising star began her career in the spotlight at the age of four in 2003 and has since gone on to appear in films such as Underworld: Awakening with Kate Beckinsale, The Curse of Sleeping Beauty, and Look Away.

India also struts her stuff on television with roles on Kicking & Screaming, Last Man Standing, and Gortimer Gibbon's Life On Normal Street. She is set to feature in movies such as Split Lip and Day Shift Midnight Sun alongside an all-star cast this year.

India enjoys representing a number of popular brands across genres like fashion and technology with the help of her strong social media presence. Her influence continues to reach new heights each day, making her one to watch out for!

India Eisley Nationality and Ethnicity

India Eisley is an American actress of English, Argentinian (Spanish and possibly other), Scottish, and German descent. Her multi-ethnic heritage has undoubtedly contributed to her exotic beauty and has enabled her to take on roles representing characters from all walks of life.

In projects such as The Secret Life of the American Teenager or I Am the Night, India demonstrated impressive range when it comes to portraying characters with both complex nationalities and deeply personal struggles, often using her own background to craft these personas in a more powerful way. She continues to shine in every role she takes on with effortless grace and versatility that can only be explained by her unique combination of backgrounds.

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India Eisley Body Measurements

Height: 160 cm or 5′2″
Weight: No Data
Eye color: No Data
Hair color: No Data
Hair style: No Data
Waist size: No Data
Hips: No Data
Feet size: No Data
Have tattoo: No Data

India Eisley's body measurements are 32-23-34 inches (81-58.5-86 cm). As an actress, Eisley's height and weight play a crucial role in her career.

At 5 ft 2 in (1.6 m) tall, she fits the petite category for Hollywood actresses, which can limit the range of roles offered to her. However, her small frame allows her to blend into diverse characters with ease such as playing Maria in the TV show "The Secret Life of the American Teenager."

Her slender figure also enhances her on-screen presence in action sequences and romantic scenes alike. Overall, India Eisley's body measurements contribute to her success as a versatile actor in Hollywood.

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