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"From fashion to adult entertainment, Jana Defi has captured the attention of audiences worldwide with her stunning looks and undeniable talent. As one of the most sought-after models in the industry, she’s graced the pages of countless magazines and captivated audiences with her sultry performances on-screen.

But who is this woman behind the glamourous facade? In this exclusive biography, we delve into Jana Defi’s life story – from her humble beginnings in Czechoslovakia to becoming a household name across continents.

Discover how she broke through barriers in both fashion and pornography, earning millions along the way. With insights from those closest to her and never-before-seen photos, this article is not to be missed for fans and curious minds alike."

Where Is Jana Defi From and Where Was Jana Defi Born

Jana Defi is from Prague, Czech Republic and was born on January 10, 1984. Glamorous Magazine:

From the cobblestoned streets of Prague to the catwalks of Milan - Jana Defi has graced every runway with a fierce attitude that's impossible to ignore.

With her sharp features and piercing gaze, this fashion model has become an icon in the industry. But beyond her modeling career lies a world of adult entertainment where she's made waves as a pornographic film actor.

No matter what she does, Jana exudes confidence and power like no other. Her journey from eastern Europe to international fame is one filled with hard work and determination, but also with moments of vulnerability and introspection.

From glossy magazine covers to steamy photo shoots - Jana Defi continues to captivate audiences around the world with her undeniable beauty and magnetic persona. Whether you're watching her on screen or walking past her on the street - there's simply no escaping this mesmerizing talent.

How Old is Jana Defi? Jana Defi Age and Birthday Info

Jana Defi is 39 years old and was born on January 10, 1984 in Prague, Czech Republic. As a successful fashion model and former pornographic film actor, Jana has captured the hearts of many with her stunning beauty and captivating personality.

Despite having left the adult entertainment industry in 2008 to pursue other opportunities, Jana remains an influential figure in the world of modeling. Her fans continue to admire her unique style, fierce confidence, and unapologetic approach to life.

As we celebrate Jana's birthday on this day, it's impossible not to reflect on her incredible journey thus far. From her early beginnings as a young girl growing up in Prague to becoming one of the most sought-after models in the business today - Jana is truly an inspiration.

Here's wishing Jana a very happy birthday filled with love, joy, and endless amounts of cake!

What is Jana Defi’s Zodiac Sign

Jana Defi is a Capricorn. As a Capricorn, Jana Defi possesses qualities like ambition, determination and discipline which are essential in her roles as a fashion model and pornographic film actor.

She is known for being hardworking and goal-oriented, always striving to achieve her objectives. Capricorns are also typically reserved individuals who prefer to maintain their privacy.

This could explain her preference for keeping a low profile despite being in the public eye. In terms of fashion, Caps have a classic sense of style and often opt for timeless pieces that can be worn across different seasons - something that Jana has been seen doing on multiple occasions.

All in all, it seems that Jana's zodiac sign may have played a role in shaping some aspects of her personality which make her an ideal fit for the entertainment industry.

Jana Defi Net Worth and Earnings

Jana Defi's net worth is $400 thousand. Coming from humble beginnings, Jana Defi has skyrocketed to fame as a fashion model and pornographic film actor.

With a career spanning over two decades, she has amassed a loyal fanbase and an impressive net worth of $400 thousand. Despite facing criticism from some quarters for her chosen profession, Jana has continued to push boundaries and break down barriers.

Her unique blend of beauty, confidence, and raw talent have made her an icon in the world of adult entertainment. But Jana isn't just about pushing boundaries on screen - she's also committed to making a difference off it.

She regularly donates to charity and uses her celebrity status to raise awareness for important causes. As Jana enters her 40s, there's no doubt that she will continue to be a trailblazer in both the fashion industry and the adult entertainment world.

Jana Defi Nationality and Ethnicity

Jana Defi is a Czech national of Czech ethnicity. Her nationality and ethnicity have played a significant role in shaping her profession as a fashion model and pornographic film actor.

Jana's striking looks and unique style reflect the intricate beauty of the Czech culture, which makes her stand out in the modeling industry. Furthermore, she has used her cultural heritage to add depth to her performances in adult films and establish herself as an icon within the niche industry.

Jana Defi's mastery of blending cultural identity with professional creativity underscores how one can use their background to excel in any field they choose to pursue.

Jana Defi Body Measurements

Height: 173 cm or 5′7″
Weight: No Data
Eye color: No Data
Hair color: No Data
Hair style: No Data
Waist size: No Data
Hips: No Data
Feet size: No Data
Have tattoo: No Data

Jana Defi’s Body Measurements

Jana Defi’s body measurements are 34-24-35 inches (86-61-89 cm). As a fashion model and adult film actor, Jana Defi’s body measurements play a crucial role in her profession.

Her height of 5 ft 8 in (1.73 m) allows her to stride confidently on runways while showcasing high-end clothing designs. Additionally, her hourglass figure with bust-waist-hip proportions of 34-24-35 inches (86-61-89 cm) attract viewers’ attention and make for popular photo-shoots both inside and outside the adult entertainment industry.

Overall, Jana Defi’s stunning physique is one of her standout features that have aided in launching her successful career as a talented model and actress.

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