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Julia Sawalha
Full name: Julia Sawalha
Birthday: September 09, 1968
Weight: No Data
Zodiac Sign:
Category/Profession: ,
Net Worth: $10 Million

Julia Sawalha is a celebrated actress, voice actor and comedian who has become an international star. With her matinee idol looks, captivating personality and over two decades of success in the entertainment industry, she has captured the hearts of many all around the world.

Julia Sawalha's net worth has now reached 10 million – making her one of England’s most successful exports! From award-winning performances to ambitious ventures into stand-up comedy, this remarkable woman continues to inspire fans everywhere with her incredible talent and trailblazing spirit.

So are you ready to discover more about this force of nature? Read on for our exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Julian Sawalha's life and career — and find out why millions of people can't get enough of this much-loved celebrity!

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Where Is Julia Sawalha From and Where Was Julia Sawalha Born

British actress and voice actor Julia Sawalha was born in Lambeth, London, England on September 9th, 1968. She's best known for her role as Saffron Monsoon in the classic comedy series Absolutely Fabulous which she played from 1992 to 2004.

Since then, Sawalha has appeared in films such as The Heavy (2010) and Stardust (2007). An inspiration to many aspiring actors, Julia Sawalha is an icon who will be remembered for decades after her debut in 1992.

A career spanning over three decades has seen the acclaimed performer win multiple awards including a BAFTA Award for Best Light Entertainment Performance for Absolutely Fabulous in 2000. Now at 55 years of age, she remains an incredible source of talent as well as beauty and grace.

Her timeless energy stands strong no matter what age or stage of life she is at; indeed there is something about Sawalha that transcends time itself! Accessorizing her signature bohemian chic look with glamourous pieces and effortless style makes us all want to get a little bit of Julia Sawalha into our wardrobe!

How Old is Julia Sawalha? Julia Sawalha Age and Birthday Info

Julia Sawalha is 54 years old. Born on September 9, 1968 in Lambeth, London, UK, the multi-talented actress and voice actor has come a long way since her breakout role as Saffron Monsoon in Absolutely Fabulous.

Now an internationally recognized star for films such as Chicken Run (2000), Antiques Roadshow Christmas Specials (2006) and CBBC’s Justin’s House (2012-2017), Julia continues to grace Hollywood with her dynamism and classic British charm even at the age of 54. She may have over 50 years under her belt but this fantastic female shows no signs of slowing down, setting the example that age is just a number!

With adoring fans around the world wishing her well on each occasion of her birthday, we look forward to seeing where Julia takes us next.

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What is Julia Sawalha’s Zodiac Sign

Julia Sawalha was born on September 9, 1968, which makes her a Virgo. For an actor and voice actor like Julia, being a Virgo is favorable as they are known to be creative with an analytical eye for detail.

This helps them interpret the emotions of their characters more accurately as well as devote themselves completely to any project they take on. In addition, Virgos are highly organized and good at multitasking which requires essential skills in acting and voiceover professions that often involve long hours of work in multiple projects simultaneously.

They excel at portraying complex interactions between characters due to their excellent communication abilities which certainly adds texture to Julia’s acting performances. Consequently, her career trajectory continues to be one of success achieving awards such as ‘Best Actress’ from the British Academy Television Awards (Bafta) in 1996 for her role in ‘Pride & Prejudice’.

Her zodiac sign has no doubt been a part of both her successes and her longevity within the glamorous world of Hollywood entertainment!

Julia Sawalha Net Worth and Earnings

Julia Sawalha's net worth is estimated to be $10 million. It’s no surprise Julia Sawalha is worth $10 million.

At age 54, the British actor and voice actor has had a successful career in Hollywood, having starred in films such as ‘Chicken Run’ and the BBC series ‘Absolutely Fabulous’. Through her roles in various movies, television shows, and stage productions across her 30 year career, Julia has earned herself an impressive fortune worthy of any starlet on June 9th 2023.

Off-screen, she also takes part in charitable work with organizations like 'Room to Read', further highlighting her commitment to giving back to society which only adds to her captivating charm as well as celebrity status.

Julia Sawalha Nationality and Ethnicity

Julia Sawalha is an English actress and voice actor of Jordanian Arab (father) and English, remote French Huguenot (mother) ethnicity. Her nationality and ethnicity have been instrumental in helping her mold her acting career.

From playing the iconic character of Saffron Monsoon in Absolutely Fabulous to voicing young Roo from Winnie-the-Pooh, Julia has used her background to its full potential; whether it’s drawing inspiration from her Jordanian father's heritage, or speaking with the air of sophistication that Britishers are known for. Despite all odds posed by a multicultural identity, Julia has managed to etch out a place for herself in the field of entertainment.

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Julia Sawalha Body Measurements

Height: 160 cm or 5′2″
Weight: No Data
Eye color: No Data
Hair color: No Data
Hair style: No Data
Waist size: No Data
Hips: No Data
Feet size: No Data
Have tattoo: No Data

Julia Sawalha's Body Measurements: She stands at 5 ft 2 in (1.6 m). As an actor and voice actor, Julia Sawalha's body measurements play a crucial role in her profession.

Though her height is considered shorter than the average, it has not stopped her from landing notable roles in both television and film. Her petite frame has also allowed her to bring a unique perspective and versatility to the characters she portrays on screen.

Additionally, her weight is never a topic of conversation as she serves as an inspiration for individuals who struggle with societal pressures of maintaining a certain body type in Hollywood. Julia Sawalha continues to prove that talent knows no bounds when it comes to physical appearance.

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