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Kellita Smith
Full name: Kellita Smith
Birthday: July 11, 1969
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Kellita Smith is a renowned American actor, model and comedian who continues to make headlines today. Born on July 11, 1969 in Chicago, Illinois, Smith rose to fame with her engaging comedic roles in films like "The Bernie Mac Show" and the film adaptation of "Z Nation".

She also gained recognition for her prestigious modeling career that includes appearances in magazines such as Vogue and Elle. This article dives deep into the life of one of Hollywood’s most captivating stars.

We’ll look at her childhood roots, meteoric rise to fame, iconic roles on screen and much more! Discover why Kellita Smith has earned so many awards throughout her career—find out everything you need to know about this inspiring star right here!

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Where Is Kellita Smith From and Where Was Kellita Smith Born

Kellita Smith is an American actress, model, and comedian from Chicago, Illinois. Born on July 11, 1969, Smith has been gracing the entertainment industry since 1992 and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.

Her commitment to excellence in her craft has made her a fan favorite in every role she plays. In addition to having an impressive career as an actor/model/comedian , Kellita Smith shines off camera too; you’ll often find her lending a hand for various charities around the country which reflect her true nature, that of a giving and caring woman who will always put others before herself.

It's why we at Vanity Fair are proud to call her one of our own!

How Old is Kellita Smith? Kellita Smith Age and Birthday Info

Kellita Smith is 53 years old. Born on July 11, 1969 in Chicago, Illinois, USA, Kellita has had a multi-faceted and versatile career as an actor, model and comedian.

She continues to show off her knack for comedic timing and dramatic depth with her roles in films such as The Retrieval (2013), Little Miss Perfect (2016) and King of the Dancehall (2017). Now 54 years old, she's possibly steaming up the small screen more than ever.

With popular TV shows like Family Guy (2015 - present) and Insecure (2018 - present), it seems that nothing can keep this dynamic star from electrifying any role she plays! Her timeless beauty has earned her roles in several music videos too!

Outside of acting, Kellita loves staying active by dancing--jazz is amongst her favorites--and yoga keeps her flexible both physically and mentally. Much like fine wine gets better with age so does Kellita Smith!

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What is Kellita Smith’s Zodiac Sign

Kellita Smith's zodiac sign is Cancer, which suggests she has a strong imagination and emotional depth. Utilizing these traits, Kellita has been able to carve out an impressive career as an actor, model, and comedian.

With a powerful drive to succeed, she continuously brings her creative ideas to the table. In addition to her ambition and creativity, Cancers are known for being nurturing and sensitive.

This may be one of the keys to understanding why audiences gravitate towards Kellita’s roles-- viewers can relate with her heartfelt comedy or admire her feistiness onscreen. Kellita Smith’s astrological sign of Cancer perfectly complements her multifaceted career that continues to evolve over time.

From theater performances to television appearances and modeling gigs, she proves that Cancer signs can excel in many aspects of life when combining their strengths: intuition, artistic expression, dedication and passion. As a result of this personality combination mixed with hard work ethic and determination clearly displayed in every project taken on by Kellita Smith—a true testament for what it means be a humorous yet determined Actor/Model/Comedian born under the zodiac sign of Cancer!

How Did Kellita Smith Get Famous?

Kellita Smith became famous and popular for her role as the lead in the hit comedy series The Bernie Mac Show. At the time, she was already an established model and actress with many accomplishments including magazine covers, runway shows, and numerous film and television appearances.

For several years she has been a mainstay on TV, appearing in shows such as In Living Color and Martin. Smith's ability to make people laugh has made her a beloved household name while her beauty and grace have kept her firmly on the cover of glossy magazines like Vogue and Glamour.

As Kellita Smith approaches fifty three years old in 2023, she continues to command attention both on-screen and off with a range of projects from acting to modeling that showcase how much talent she still possesses. Smith hasn't stopped reinventing herself over the years either; just last year, we saw her take up stand-up comedy which earned rave reviews from audiences around the world.

It's no wonder then why Kellita Smith is still so highly regarded today; not only does she stay true to what got her where she is today - with humor at its core - but also continues pushing herself further through new ventures into uncharted territories where results are sure to follow.

Kellita Smith Nationality and Ethnicity

Kellita Smith is an American actress, model, and comedian of American ethnicity. Her nationality and ethnicity has been a powerful influence in her career as an actor.

Not only has it enabled her to represent marginalized communities in Hollywood, but also opened the door for other aspiring actors from similar backgrounds to follow in her footsteps. She's been able to create a black female narrative with films like The First Wives Club, where she played opposite Denise Richards in one of the lead roles- which has paved the way for more representation of diverse cultures on-screen.

Thanks to strong role models such as Smith, the entertainment industry is becoming increasingly inclusive and open doors that were previously closed off for diversity in its productions.

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Kellita Smith Body Measurements

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