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Kimora Lee Simmons
Full name: Kimora Lee Simmons
Birthday: May 04, 1975
Weight: No Data
Zodiac Sign:
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Net Worth: $50 Million

From supermodel to fashion mogul, Kimora Lee Simmons has conquered the worlds of high fashion and reality TV with her undeniable charisma and unparalleled style. With a net worth of a staggering $50 million, this glamorous powerhouse has become a symbol of success in the industry.

But who is the woman behind the fame and fortune? In this revealing biography, we delve into Kimora's incredible journey – from her humble beginnings as a teenage model to becoming the face of iconic brands such as Chanel and Versace.

Discover how she transitioned seamlessly from catwalks to boardrooms, founding her own successful fashion empire, Baby Phat. Uncover the secrets of her signature style that have made her an icon among women around the globe.

Join us on this captivating exploration into Kimora Lee Simmons's life – a story you won't want to miss!

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Where Is Kimora Lee Simmons From and Where Was Kimora Lee Simmons Born

Kimora Lee Simmons is from St. Louis, Missouri, United States, and was born on May 4, 1975. As a television personality, fashion designer, and former model, she has made significant contributions to the world of fashion and entertainment.

In the realm of high fashion and glamorous living, few names evoke as much admiration and awe as Kimora Lee Simmons. A true style icon in her own right, Simmons hails from the vibrant city of St. Louis, Missouri.

From an early age, it was apparent that she possessed a magnetic allure and natural talent for captivating audiences with her poise and grace. Stepping into the limelight at a young age, Simmons quickly rose to prominence as a sought-after model in the fashion industry.

Her statuesque figure graced countless runways around the globe while showcasing designs from renowned luxury brands. However, Simmons didn't stop there; she transitioned seamlessly into becoming a successful television personality.

With her infectious charisma and unwavering dedication to excellence, Simmons captured the hearts of viewers worldwide. In addition to conquering the small screen with her reality series centered around her glamorous life in New York City's elite circles—Simmons brought forth her creative vision as a talented fashion designer.

Her eponymous fashion line stands as a testament to her impeccable taste and innate understanding of couture craftsmanship fused with contemporary trends. Through meticulous attention to detail in each collection piece bearing her name—a harmonious fusion of opulence and modernity emerges—a true reflection of Kimora Lee Simmons herself.

As we celebrate another year on this fashionable journey called life alongside Kimora Lee Simmons—let us marvel at how one woman's passion for beauty has forever altered our perception of style itself. With every stride down those glittering catwalks or every decision made behind closed doors that shape empires—Simmons embodies all that is luxurious yet accessible—and continues to inspire generations to dare greatly, live glamorously, and leave an indelible mark on the world of fashion.

How Old is Kimora Lee Simmons? Kimora Lee Simmons Age and Birthday Info

Kimora Lee Simmons is currently 48 years old. She was born on May 4, 1975, in St. Louis, Missouri, United States.

In the glamorous world of fashion and television, Kimora Lee Simmons has cemented her status as a prominent figure. With her undeniable talent and striking beauty, she has conquered various realms within the industry.

As an accomplished television personality, fashion designer, and former model, Kimora continues to captivate audiences worldwide. Born in the vibrant city of St. Louis on May 4th, 1975, Kimora's star power was evident from an early age.

Her journey began as a young model before blossoming into an influential presence in the fashion world. Her innate sense of style led her to create successful brands that cater to diverse tastes.

Approaching her forty-ninth birthday this year - on July 12th - Kimora remains an inspiration for many aspiring individuals seeking fame and success in the ever-evolving landscape of entertainment and design. With each passing year, she proves that age is just a number when it comes to leaving your mark on the world stage.

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What is Kimora Lee Simmons’s Zodiac Sign

Kimora Lee Simmons's Zodiac Sign is Taurus, indicating her grounded and determined nature as a Television Personality, Fashion Designer, and Former Model. In the world of fashion and entertainment, Kimora Lee Simmons has become an icon known for her impeccable style and undeniable charm.

Born under the sign of Taurus on May 4, 1975, she possesses the characteristic traits associated with this sign - determination, dependability, and a strong work ethic. As a television personality, she exudes confidence and charisma that captivates audiences worldwide.

Her fashion designs are a true reflection of her zodiac sign; they are practical yet luxurious with attention to detail. From the catwalks to red carpets, Kimora's creations speak volumes about her unwavering dedication to quality craftsmanship.

With Venus ruling over Taurus, it comes as no surprise that Kimora has found immense success in both love and career. Her relationships exude stability and loyalty while her business ventures thrive under her relentless drive for success.

She continues to inspire aspiring fashion designers and models alike with her down-to-earth demeanor combined with an undeniable aura of glamour. Kimora Lee Simmons's zodiac sign not only influences her personal life but also shapes the way she approaches every aspect of her professional journey.

Her tenacity coupled with an eye for style makes her a force to be reckoned with in the fashion industry; truly embodying what it means to be a Taurus.

How Did Kimora Lee Simmons Get Famous?

Kimora Lee Simmons became famous and popular through her successful career as a television personality, fashion designer, and former model. In the world of fashion, Kimora Lee Simmons needs no introduction.

Her impeccable sense of style and trendsetting creations have propelled her to become one of the most renowned figures in the industry. From her humble beginnings as a model to gracing countless magazine covers, Kimora exudes elegance and sophistication effortlessly.

As a television personality, she captivated audiences with her larger-than-life personality on reality shows centered around her glamorous lifestyle and fashion empire. With each episode, viewers were enthralled by her business acumen and creative vision behind the scenes.

But it is undoubtedly Kimora's trade mark that truly sets her apart. Her unique ability to merge high-end fashion with accessibility has made her designs coveted by people from all walks of life.

Whether it's strutting down the catwalk or adorning some of Hollywood's elite, Kimora's creations leave an indelible mark on every red carpet event. At 48 years old, Kimora continues to dominate the fashion scene with grace and panache.

Her signature blend of confidence and glamour ensures that she remains a timeless icon in an ever-evolving industry. As we enter July 12th, 2023, be prepared for another year filled with astounding achievements from this remarkable woman who personifies beauty in its purest form.

Kimora Lee Simmons Net Worth and Earnings

Kimora Lee Simmons's net worth is $50 million. As a television personality, fashion designer, and former model, she has made a significant impact in the industry.

Known for her iconic sense of style and glamorous presence on the runway, Simmons has captivated audiences worldwide. Her unique blend of talent and business acumen has paved the way for her success.

From gracing the covers of top fashion magazines to building her own fashion empire, Simmons's journey in the industry has been nothing short of extraordinary. With her trade mark skills in fashion design, modeling, and television, she continues to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs and creatives.

Simmons's net worth reflects not only her financial achievements but also the influence she wields within the fashion world. With each venture she undertakes, from collaborating with renowned designers to launching her own successful clothing lines, Simmons solidifies herself as an icon in both beauty and business.

As we enter July 12th, 2023, it is clear that Kimora Lee Simmons's net worth stands as a testament to her exceptional career and entrepreneurial prowess. She remains an unstoppable force driving innovation and elegance within the industry for years to come.

Earnings 2005 $17 Million

Kimora Lee Simmons Nationality and Ethnicity

Kimora Lee Simmons is an American television personality, fashion designer, and former model. Her unique background as a person of African-American, Korean, and Japanese descent has played a significant role in shaping her career in the glamorous world of fashion.

As an influential figure in the industry, Kimora's mixed heritage brings diversity and representation to her work. With a fusion of various cultural influences reflected in her designs, she embraces both her African-American roots and Asian heritage to create innovative fashion statements that resonate with audiences worldwide.

Kimora Lee Simmons exemplifies the beauty of multiculturalism within the realm of style and creativity.

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Kimora Lee Simmons Body Measurements

Height: 183 cm or 6′0″
Weight: No Data
Eye color: No Data
Hair color: No Data
Hair style: No Data
Waist size: No Data
Hips: No Data
Feet size: No Data
Have tattoo: No Data
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