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Linda Dano
Full name: Linda Dano
Birthday: May 12, 1943
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Net Worth: $8 Million

Linda Dano is an American icon who has achieved a great deal throughout her illustrious career. She was born on May 12, 1943 and is renowned as both a successful actor and author, businessperson, and activist.

Her impressive net worth of $8 million is evidence that she's one of the most sought-after celebrities in Hollywood today. Combining glamour with strength, Linda's life story proves to be a captivating source of inspiration for anyone looking to better themselves.

Get ready to be completely mesmerized by the journey of this remarkable woman: from revolutionary roles on 'Another World' to launching her own jewelry line at Home Shopping Network! Prepare yourselves for an unmissable tale – read on to discover how Linda Dano got where she is today!

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Where Is Linda Dano From and Where Was Linda Dano Born

Linda Dano is an actor, author, businessperson and activist born in Long Beach, California on May 12, 1943. Having achieved immense success as a soap star playing the iconic role of Felicia Gallant on "Another World," Linda has also used her creative genius to build upon her portfolio with roles such as an Emmy Award-winning guest appearance in "Empty Nest."

In addition to her acting achievements, she's taken the fashion world by storm with her signature QVC line of clothing and accessories. She has profoundly influenced society not only through entertainment but also through activism; most notably, she served as National Chairperson for March of Dimes and had a vital role during Mayor Bloomberg’s Vision Zero traffic-safety initiatives.

Now at 80 years old Linda continues to wow audiences around the world with every endeavor she embarks on and stands out among all others for her strength that only grows by age!

How Old is Linda Dano? Linda Dano Age and Birthday Info

Linda Dano is 79 years old and was born on May 12, 1943 in Long Beach, California, United States. Energetic and passionate about her career as an actor, author, businessperson and activist – Linda Dano has made a name for herself since launching her career in the entertainment industry more than four decades ago.

Showcasing a wide range of talents within the field of acting over the years she’s managed to remain relevant by taking up roles both on stage and television series which have earned her multiple awards. Today at 79-years-old Linda continues to stay busy with five books written along with numerous fostering opportunities; getting involved with organizations such as WomenHeart: The National Coalition for Women With Heart Disease.

She remains an inspirational figure for many women in their golden year; living life passionately without any signs of slowing down any time soon.

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What is Linda Dano’s Zodiac Sign

Linda Dano's zodiac sign is Taurus, the Bull. As an ambitious and hard working Actor, Author, Businessperson, Activist born under this sign they will want to take all available opportunities that lead them towards their goals.

They can be a powerhouse of accomplishments but at times need to take a step back and remember what life has to offer beyond results and success. For anyone familiar with Linda Dano's work in the glamourous world of television, writing or business, they would know that she exemplifies what it means to be a Taurus - hardworking, creative and determined.

Whether it’s appearing on shows like Another World or All My Children or her numerous best-selling books – including The Diva Rules – Ms. Dano showcases her tenacity for each project she takes on. Her career as an activist over the years further confirms how devoted she is when it comes issues near to her heart.

She truly embodies what being a modern day Taurus entails: taking charge in whatever direction you choose with passion and determination!

Linda Dano Net Worth and Earnings

Linda Dano has an estimated net worth of $8 million. The 79 year-old actor, author, businessperson, and activist has amassed her fortune from over five decades in the entertainment industry.

She began as a Broadway dancer before landing roles on shows like Ryan's Hope and As the World Turns in the 1970s that paved the way for numerous roles on soaps and prime-time shows alike. With years of experience under her belt, Dano is now one of Hollywood’s most sought after actresses – taking roles both in front and behind camera.

On top of her acting credits, her writing career also continues to flourish with books such as Afternoon Tea at Mallory Lane making its debut last year. She is also a passionate advocate for children’s charities nationwide; using her status to help raise funds and awareness for those who need it most.

At 79 years old Linda Dano is just getting started showing no signs of slowing down any time soon! Her savvy blend of diverse interests continues to make waves across film & television – proving age doesn't hinder success!

Linda Dano Nationality and Ethnicity

Linda Dano is an American of Italian, German, English, and Cuban descent with a small amount of Scottish ancestry. From her part-Cuban roots to the Italian heritage passed down from her maternal grandmother, Linda's diverse ethnic background has helped shape her into a multitalented actor, author, businessperson, and activist.

Her varied ethnicity has become an integral part of who she is and what she stands for; its influence can be seen throughout her career as well as in the personal values she holds close. An advocate for diversity within media and entertainment industries in particular, Linda stands firm on the notion that every nationality and culture should be fairly represented to create an accurate representation of our society today.

By building positive relationships between communities different from hers, she hopes to ensure people from all walks of life have an equal opportunity to fulfill their own potential.

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Linda Dano Body Measurements

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