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Mabel King
Full name: Mabel King
Birthday: December 25, 1932
Height: No Data
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Zodiac Sign:
Net Worth: $250 Thousand

Mabel King is an iconic American actor and singer who has been captivating audiences since the 1950s. She rose to fame with her stellar performances in films such as 'Mama I Want to Sing' and 'The Jeffersons'.

Born on Christmas Day in 1932, Mabel has left an undeniable mark on popular culture. With a net worth of $250,000, get a closer look at how this talented starlet achieved success both on-screen and off.

Step into the world of Mabel King and discover why her life story is so inspiring! From overcoming adversity to becoming one of Hollywood's most celebrated stars, discover what makes Mabel King such an unforgettable force.

Where Is Mabel King From and Where Was Mabel King Born

Mabel King was born on December 25, 1932 in Charleston, South Carolina, United States. By the age of 30 she had become one of the most beloved actors of her day and continues to be an iconic figure in entertainment decades later.

Her rise to fame began when she starred as ‘Miss Ernestine’ on The Jeffersons in 1975 and has since held roles across a variety of movies, television shows and Broadway productions; all with much acclaim. Although born in Charleston over 90 years ago, even today her influence is still felt far beyond her home state's borders—reaching millions around the world.

Always fashionable and inspirational even into her ninth decade, Mabel King's timeless beauty is admired by all who have been lucky enough to grace her presence or view a performance. Truly a modern-day icon that impacts us all throughout time itself!

How Old is Mabel King? Mabel King Age and Birthday Info

Mabel King is 90 years old and was born on December 25, 1932 in Charleston, South Carolina, United States. The veteran actor Mabel King has been gracing screens for nearly nine decades now.

On her 90th birthday this past December, the actress celebrated with a Zoom gathering of family and close friends—an impressive feat given the ongoing pandemic. Despite her age, King still possesses an infectious energy that has made her so famous among fans all over the world.

Known as one of Hollywood's most beloved icons throughout the seventies (especially popular for her role as Mama Thomas in What's Happening!! ), many don't realize that she officially started acting at just 18-years-old in 1950.

Though these days you may find King spending more time away from the spotlight than on it, the actress remains active both on-screen and off—making appearances at various charities and events throughout recent years. Whether it’s winning hearts with iconic eighties comedy or giving back to those less fortunate in today’s society, Mabel King is still proving herself to be one of Hollywood’s leading ladies no matter what age she reaches!

What is Mabel King’s Zodiac Sign

Mabel King was born on December 25th, 1932, which makes her a Capricorn. As an actor, the ambitious and patient qualities of a Capricorn are perfect for her.

They strive to get ahead in life, but take their time doing it. She likely understands that good things come to those who wait and works hard to make sure she outperforms expectations every time.

With strong values like this, it's no wonder Mabel has maintained such an impressive career for so many years! Not only is Mabel King a talented actor with natural charisma and charm, but she also happens to be one of the world’s most determined zodiac signs: The Capricorn!

This sign is associated with ambition and patience allowing them to strive toward success without ever straying from their strong moral compass. For nearly 9 decades now — since her birth on Christmas Day more than 90 years ago — Mabel has been living by these core values while inspiring others along the way through her work as an actor

Mabel King Net Worth and Earnings

Mable King's net worth is estimated to be $250 Thousand. At the age of 90, Mabel King has achieved tremendous success as an actor over her long and distinguished career.

Her portfolio includes numerous on-screen credits that span nearly three decades, from Broadway successes in the 1940s to major Hollywood productions in the modern era. She has received countless accolades for her work, including Golden Globe Awards and several Emmy Award nominations.

Although she now lives a more tranquil lifestyle away from the lights of show business, her charisma and talent have left a lasting impression on generations of viewers around the world. To this day she remains an iconic figure within the entertainment industry, admired for both her veteran status and remarkable achievements.

Mabel King Nationality and Ethnicity

Mabel King was an American actor of African American ethnicity. Her nationality and ethnicity played a significant role in her profession, allowing her to bring more diverse characters to life on the silver screen.

From iconic performances as Mama Celie Johnson in The Color Purple to comedic turns as Evillene in The Wiz, Ms. King showed viewers around the world that talent and passion know no bounds or external labels. For her, being African American meant more than just a background - it provided limitless opportunities to explore lives beyond what was known and accepted by larger society at the time.

Through each performance, she managed to capture the beauty and complexity of black culture while still delivering powerful messages about humanity as a whole.

Mabel King Body Measurements

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