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Maria de Medeiros
Full name: Maria de Medeiros
Birthday: August 19, 1965
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Net Worth: $5 Million

Maria de Medeiros is a beautiful Portuguese actress, film director, screenwriter and singer often referred to as the "Queen of Cool". The 55-year-old star has made an impact in the entertainment industry for over four decades with her impressive roles in Hollywood movies, fearless directing projects and mesmerizing music.

But how much do you know about this talented artist? Learn more about her career highlights, personal relationships and net worth right here!

From her breakout role alongside Bruce Willis to unheard secrets from behind the scenes to her awe-inspiring charitable works – it all awaits for you inside this exclusive piece about Maria de Medeiros. Read on to uncover all that lies beneath the mysterious beauty's life story!

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Where Is Maria de Medeiros From and Where Was Maria de Medeiros Born

Maria de Medeiros is a Portuguese actor, film director, screenwriter and singer born in Lisbon on August 19th 1965. She has come a long way since then to become one of the most prominent Portuguese celebrities and an international darling in the entertainment industry.

Since her debut as an actress at just 15 years old, she has established an impressive portfolio with roles in films such as Pulp Fiction or Four Days in September alongside José Garcia, and performances like Henry IV by William Shakespeare. Such works have made her part of Hollywood's elite but even more importantly of cinema's heartthrobs worldwide having been awarded over 50 international accolades among them the Order of Merit from the President of Portugal Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa for her services to the nation's culture.

At 58 years old she shows no intention of stopping anytime soon. As both actress and film director she continues to work exploring stories from all around the world that reflect some aspects about our shared human experience while taking us through daring journeys that not only entertain but also educate us about ourselves.

Maria de Medeiros truly is one true gem that shines brightly both today, June 1st 2023 (her current age: 58 years) and many years into our future!

How Old is Maria de Medeiros? Maria de Medeiros Age and Birthday Info

Maria de Medeiros is 57 years old as of June 1, 2023. Born on August 19th in 1965, the versatile Portuguese star has been captivating audiences around the world for more than two decades.

She’s an award-winning actor, film director and screenwriter and her powerhouse pipes have had fans singing along to her music for just as long. Her rise to fame is nothing short of remarkable: At only 21 years old, she starred alongside Bruce Willis in the romantic comedy "Pulp Fiction".

Since then, Maria has gone on to appear in a number of popular films including "The Girl from Rio" and "Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me" -- they've solidified her status as one of Portugal's most respected artists within the international entertainment industry. But it's not all about glamour for Maria; she devotes much of her time promoting human rights causes throughout Europe and Brazil with both her words and actions.

Now approaching its fifth decade since its inception, Maria de Medeiros' stardom continues to shine brighter than ever before!

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What is Maria de Medeiros’s Zodiac Sign

Maria de Medeiros's zodiac sign is Leo, making her a strong and independent individual. As an ambitious actor, film director, screenwriter and singer, she loves being the centre of attention.

Her creative talents are enhanced by her passionate nature – she knows what she wants and has no problems working hard to get it. On top of this, Maria displays excellent leadership skills that help others see her point of view; she isn’t afraid to take risks which often leads to success.

A naturally confident superstar with plenty of strength and courage, Maria de Medeiros lives life on her own terms. A true representation of a Leo star sign holder — bossy yet loyal — she always strives for perfection in everything from work projects to relationships.

Her commitment towards achieving the best of anything is unparalleled which makes her an inspiring performer in every way imaginable! She can be quite outgoing when around people and enjoys socialising in order to build connections with like-minded individuals as well as enjoying more solitary activities like reading books or writing music.

No matter what the activity may be, Maria puts 100% into it every time – and that’s why we love her!

Maria de Medeiros Net Worth and Earnings

Maria de Medeiros's net worth is estimated to be around $5 million as of June 1, 2023. As one of the leading actresses, film directors, screenwriters, and singers in Europe today, it comes as no surprise that Maria has accumulated such great wealth.

She has starred in over 50 films since her career began in 1986 at age 22 and continues to top the charts with her powerful voice and iconic music videos. From award-winning box office hits like "Henry & June" (1990) to critically acclaimed films like "Pulp Fiction" (1994), Maria de Medeiros continues to captivate audiences both new and old with her impressive resume.

Her success on stage and screen shines through each performance she gives--and it’s clear why she commands a five-figure fee for every project she works on! It’s no wonder then that this multi-talented star has created an enviable fortune which will only continue to grow.

Maria de Medeiros Nationality and Ethnicity

Maria de Medeiros is a Portuguese actor, film director, screenwriter and singer. Her nationality and ethnicity have been key factors in her successful career within the glamourous world of film.

Growing up in Portugal and studying classical theatre has allowed Maria to bring a unique insight into the characters she portrays, imbuing them with an authenticity that resonates with audiences around the world. Her background also informed an alternative approach to filmmaking which has seen her direct numerous projects since 1997, creating thought-provoking stories from her home country's rich cultural heritage.

With more than 50 international awards bestowed upon her work and an impressive resume of accolades, Maria’s Portuguese ancestry continues to profoundly shape every aspect of both her personal journey and professional achievements as one of the most influential figures in European cinema today.

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Maria de Medeiros Body Measurements

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