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Meet Maria Franca Fissolo—the billionaire entrepreneur and owner of the world-renowned multinational confectionary company Ferrero SpA. At 81 years old, this Italian businesswoman is not only one of the wealthiest women in Italy, but one of the wealthiest individuals worldwide with a staggering net worth of $33.4 billion.

How did she amass such a fortune? What’s her secret for success?

If you’ve ever wondered how an ordinary mom became a billionaire business powerhouse overnight, read on to find out! With her incredible story filled with determination and grit, Maria Franca Fissolo will have you motivated to reach greater heights like never before.

So don't miss out on this inspiring tale — what are you waiting for?

How Old is Maria Franca Fissolo? Maria Franca Fissolo Age and Birthday Info

Maria Franca Fissolo is 84 years old and was born on January 21, 1939. As of May 19th 2023, she is one of the oldest billionaires in the world.

She made her fortune thanks to her husband Michele Ferrero who founded Ferrero SpA in 1946 which she now owns. Her exceptional wealth has enabled her to live a luxurious lifestyle built around decadent Italian cuisine and fashionable couture.

From Monaco to Miami Beach, Maria Franca is frequently seen living it up with some of Italy's elite society members at the most exclusive parties and events. Even at 84 years old, there seems to be no slowing down this stylish businesswoman as she continues to make a name for herself on the international social scene.

What is Maria Franca Fissolo’s Zodiac Sign

Maria Franca Fissolo is an Aquarius. As the owner of the Ferrero SpA, this zodiac sign drives her to think outside the box and take risks.

This has helped her achieve success in her career as a businesswoman and investor. She is open-minded, intuitive and independent - qualities that make her an effective leader.

Her creativity also helps her stand out from the competition. Though she sometimes struggles to remain grounded and focused on long-term objectives, Maria’s innovative spirit serves as a reminder to others that anything can be achieved if you’re willing to take risks and get creative.

She seeks out opportunities while always keeping in mind how much potential lies within herself when it comes to innovating for success - something very important for any owner or CEO of a large corporation like Ferrero. With ideas that help shape the future, she sets an example not only for entrepreneurs but society in general about what we can achieve with ambition and drive!

How Did Maria Franca Fissolo Get Famous?

Maria Franca Fissolo got famous and popular as the owner of Ferrero SpA. Her remarkable story is one of hard work, dedication, and success.

Born in 1937, Maria Franca was determined that she would make a mark on the world. After joining her family's business, Ferrero SpA, in 1966 she quickly rose in ranks until eventually taking over as Chairwoman in 2011.

With an eye for detail and passion for excellence, Maria has turned Ferrero SpA into a multi-billion-dollar enterprise with products ranging from Nutella to chocolates being sold across the world daily. By 2023 at 84 years old, Maria Franca stands as an inspiration to many entrepreneurs who strive to achieve their goals despite challenges they face along their journey!

She truly embodies the definition of resilience and ambition!

Maria Franca Fissolo Net Worth and Earnings

Maria Franca Fissolo, the owner of Ferrero SpA, is estimated to have a net worth of $33.4 billion as of May 19, 2023. Maria Franca Fissolo has become one of the most powerful and influential women in the world at 84 years old.

She inherited her wealthy family’s business from her late husband Michele Ferrero and made it a global success with Nutella and other chocolate products. Through sheer determination and hard work over the last 60 years since she took control of Ferrero, Fissolo has created an empire that generates more than $12 billion in revenue per year as well as numerous philanthropic efforts around the globe supporting families in need.

Her company stands out due to its commitment to sustainability – sourcing local ingredients for their products whenever possible – which not only benefits communities but also allows them to provide unique tastes and flavors that continue to appeal to customers worldwide. With such impressive accomplishments under her belt at this stage in life, there is no doubt that Maria Franca Fissolo will be remembered for generations as an example of success and perseverance no matter one's walk in life!

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