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Piper Kerman
Full name: Piper Kerman
Birthday: September 28, 1969
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Net Worth: $5 Million

Piper Kerman is a woman of many talents: memoirist, writer and author. With her magnum opus, Orange Is the New Black, she became famous as one of the most successful writers in American history.

Having served 13 months in prison for money laundering and drug trafficking, Kerman found redemption and success through her writing. And at 51 years old, Piper has amassed an impressive net worth of $5 million!

In this exclusive article underwritten by Vogue magazine, you'll get an intimate peak into the inner workings of Piper's life – from growing up to becoming a best-selling author to opening up about returning to prison for a special cause. Read on to discover how one woman's courage and resilience made her into the exceptional person she is today!

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Where Is Piper Kerman From and Where Was Piper Kerman Born

Piper Kerman is an American writer, author and memoirist born in Boston, Massachusetts on September 28, 1969. Over a period of 30 years she has established herself as one of the premier voices in the literary world, having penned several acclaimed works such as her iconic memoir "Orange Is The New Black" that inspired a successful Netflix series.

Not content with merely writing books, Piper has also worked tirelessly to empower communities across America by raising awareness about social justice issues through multiple high-profile speaking engagements and campaigns. Now 54 years old and still going strong, Piper Kerman continues to be at the forefront of conversations about female representation in literature and beyond.

With her powerful voice behind topics like this one, there's no doubt that Piper will remain a stalwart advocate for inspiring change well into the future.

How Old is Piper Kerman? Piper Kerman Age and Birthday Info

Piper Kerman is 53 years old, born on September 28, 1969. Renowned writer and author Piper Kerman has lived a life full of stories worthy of the novels she's created.

Born in Boston, MA and now based in New York City, her remarkable journey of self-discovery takes many unexpected turns and culminates in dozens of books that have made readers around the world think about life differently. Now at 53, Piper continues to write stories about truth and justice for all those who seek it.

As an experienced memoirist and sought-after public speaker known for her engaging interviews, insights on current social issues, intimate conversations with book club members, we can only anticipate the next generation of vibrant creations from this trailblazing talent. Her words continue to be a source of inspiration to us all as each new chapter unveils messages still relevant after twenty four years since its inception.

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What is Piper Kerman’s Zodiac Sign

Piper Kerman's zodiac sign is Libra, the seventh sign in the astrological calendar. As a Libra, Kerman has an appreciation for beauty and balance, which makes her well-suited to writing memoirs as she expresses her experience with empathy and objectivity.

She is also known for her desire for fairness in both thought and action. Known as the perfect artist of balanced living, Piper Kerman's charm lies in her innate understanding of life's complexities and her ability to channel them into words.

Since court documents don't often make headlines that spark heartwarming tales, Piper captured a fascinating story while exploring moral conflicts within society - an impressive feat only possible by someone of such intellect, grace and compassion like herself! With strong creative instincts paired with the insightfulness of being a Libra writer-author-memoirist; readers can find solace in being able to connect to true stories on deeper levels than just entertainment alone.

Piper Kerman Net Worth and Earnings

Piper Kerman has a net worth of $5 million, which she earned through her work as an author, writer and memoirist. She is the celebrated storyteller behind the hit book Orange Is The New Black: My Year In A Women's Prison (2010), which was adapted into a multi-award winning Netflix series.

Throughout her career, Piper has continued to write thoughtfully about social issues such as poverty, crime reform and addiction. As one of today's most inspiring female figures on the literary scene, Piper continues to pave a way for others with her voice that is both entertaining and informative.

At 53-years old, Piper is breaking down barriers in the publishing industry by making literature accessible to all readers — from young adults discovering themselves in books to senior citizens who are looking for content that speaks directly to them. Her recognisable name paired with her passion for writing have put her at the top of everybody’s list when it comes to modern day authorship - further solidifying herself as leading figure within contemporary culture.

Piper Kerman Nationality and Ethnicity

Piper Kerman is an American writer, author, and memoirist of American ethnicity. In her critically acclaimed memoir "Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women's Prison", she recounts her experiences serving a thirteen-month sentence in federal prison.

Pipe Kerman’s unique experience as a middle-class Caucasian woman provides readers with an understanding of the inequalities found within the criminal justice system. Her story covers complex issues such as race and class while exploring how privilege can often play into how crimes are punished.

Through her work, Kerman is helping to highlight the discrepancies between classes and bringing awareness to issues of mass incarceration that disproportionately affect people from marginalized communities.

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