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Pom Klementieff
Full name: Pom Klementieff
Birthday: May 03, 1986
Zodiac Sign:
Net Worth: $4 Million

Pom Klementieff is one of today's brightest stars in Hollywood who is captivating audiences around the world. Best known for her thrilling performances and unique style, this French-born actress has skyrocketed to international fame since being cast as Mantis in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

From captivating stunts to a glamorous lifestyle, Pom Klementieff has achieved success beyond her wildest dreams and now commands an estimated net worth of $4 million. Join us as we uncover everything behind this rising starlet’s meteoric rise and find out why she’s become the latest darling of Tinseltown!

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Where Is Pom Klementieff From and Where Was Pom Klementieff Born

Pom Klementieff is a French-Canadian actress born on May 3, 1986 in Quebec City, Canada. With her breakout role in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy series and other high profile projects over the years, she has gained international recognition for her acting work.

She continues to capture audiences worldwide as an acclaimed actor with more than 15 years of experience in film and TV. From a humble upbringing to a life of luxury, Klementieff’s meteoric rise to fame reads like something out of a fairytale.

She credits her small town Canadian roots for giving her an appreciation for hard work and dedication which allowed her to break through into Hollywood despite the odds stacked against her. Today Klementieff continues to gracefully straddle both sides of stardom - navigating between life as a celebrity while remaining true to herself and grounded in who she was before it all began.

How Old is Pom Klementieff? Pom Klementieff Age and Birthday Info

Pom Klementieff is 37 years old. Born in Quebec City, Canada on May 3, 1986, the French-Canadian actress has been acting since 2007.

Her career began with a variety of roles across television and film including Ingrid in "Louise (Take 2)" and an uncredited part in the popular romantic comedy "Hitch". In recent years Pom's profile has rocketed with standout performances in Marvel Cinematic Universe films like 'Avengers: Infinity War' & 'Avengers: Endgame'.

It's not just her major blockbuster roles that have cemented her place as a household name though, she recently starred opposite Scarlett Johansson in Oscar-winning writer/director Noah Baumbach’s "Marriage Story". With no signs of slowing down Pom continues to remain firmly entrenched within Hollywood’s A-list despite hitting the big 3-7 earlier this month!

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What is Pom Klementieff’s Zodiac Sign

Pom Klementieff, the actress born on May 3, 1986 is a Taurus. As an actor/actress, this sign stands for creativity and ambition.

With stubbornness as their motto they never give up in pursuit of their goals. They are deeply romantic and have the courage to turn dreams into reality.

The artistic nature of Taureans helps Pom balance her ambition with creativity—the perfect recipe for success! An earth sign like Taurus is known to bring stability and structure to any situation, which she uses perfectly in her acting career today - she has already starred in blockbusters like Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2.

This allows her to pursue her passions while also ensuring that each performance is perfect! Her calming influence also makes sure that everyone else involved feels secure during shooting, making it easier for creative sparks to fly too.

In pursuing her ambitions as an artiste, it’s clear why Pom chose being a Taurus: its characteristics make it one of the zodiac signs suited best for acting professionals seeking success!

Pom Klementieff Net Worth and Earnings

Pom Klementieff's net worth is estimated to be $4 million as of June 10, 2023. The 37-year old French actress has achieved immense success since she kicked off her career in 2006 with the film Apnee.

She gained further recognition for her roles in blockbuster movies like Avengers: Infinity War (2018) and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 (2017). As one of the youngest actresses to portray a Marvel superhero, Pom Klementieff was introduced to international audiences and became an instant sensation.

Following that, she landed parts in movies such as Hacker’s Game (2015) and Old Boy (2013). But it was her appearances alongside Hollywood royalty such as Robert Downey Jr., Chris Pratt, Scarlett Johansson, Zoe Saldana, and Tom Hiddleston that helped her elevate her net worth into millions of dollars.

Her latest success includes Netflix's High Flying Bird which released early this year. With each project she takes on, Pom shows no signs of slowing down in building up a positive reputation as well as earning more money from acting jobs worldwide.

Pom Klementieff Nationality and Ethnicity

Pom Klementieff is a French actress with a mixed heritage of Russian and French (father) and Korean (mother). Her unique background has contributed substantially to her success in the world of acting since she can draw on multiple cultures to give her characters authenticity.

Her diverse upbringing has provided her with an interesting perspective that she applies even when playing non-multi-racial roles. In a recent interview, Klementieff shared that it was difficult growing up in such a diverse culture but found it incredibly rewarding because it shaped who she is today as an actress.

By having access to so many different types of people, foods, and ways of living life, Klementieff believes that it allows her to bring more depth and nuance to each one of the characters she takes on.

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Pom Klementieff Body Measurements

Height: 170 cm or 5′6″
Weight: 60 kg or 132 lbs
Eye color: Hazel
Hair color: Dark Brown (Natural)
Hair style: No Data
Waist size: No Data
Hips: No Data
Feet size: No Data
Have tattoo: No Data

Pom Klementieff's Body Measurements

Pom Klementieff stands at an impressive 5 ft 7 in (170 cm) with a weight of 60 kg (132 lbs). Her dark brown hair and hazel eyes add to her striking features.

As an actress, her body measurements play a crucial role in the roles she portrays on screen. From action-packed scenes to romantic leading roles, her physique has allowed her to embody diverse characters across different genres.

It is clear that Pom's dedication to maintaining a healthy and proportionate body has contributed significantly to her success in the entertainment industry.

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