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Full name: Rasheeda Rasheeda
Birthday: May 25, 1982
Zodiac Sign:
Category/Profession: , , , ,
Net Worth: $600 Thousand

Rasheeda, born on May 25th 1982, has done it all – from taking the rap game by storm to launching her own fashion line and appearing in reality television shows. But these are only a few of accomplishments of this multi-faceted Atlanta native who is worth an estimated $600 thousand.

What is the secret behind Rasheeda's success? Read on to find out why you should follow in the footsteps of America's queen of music and fashion.

Discover how this beloved rapper and businesswoman achieved her amazing net worth while continuing to make headlines across the nation. From creating clothing lines that are loved and worn by millions, to becoming a reality TV star that everyone looks up to – explore every detail about what makes Rasheeda one of US' most inspiring divas!

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Where Is Rasheeda From and Where Was Rasheeda Born

Rasheeda, born in Atlanta, Georgia on May 25th, 1982, is a multi-talented force in the rap and entertainment world. Not only is she an iconic rapper and fashion designer, known for her one-of-a-kind style and hits like "My Bubble Gum" and "Boss Chick Music" that continue to influence music today, but also a savvy businesswoman with her own boutique Mama Peach.

Celebrating her 41st birthday this year, she continues to be an inspiration to creative entrepreneurs everywhere. Stepping onto the scene over 20 years ago when urban rap was still finding its footing in mainstream media — Rasheeda established herself as more than just a rapper from Atlanta; she became an icon of success for women looking to make their own mark in the industry.

Revered for her resilience and refusal to be boxed into any conventional stereotypes about what female artists can achieve—Rasheeda has weathered all storms ever since day one with unmatched grace & style.

How Old is Rasheeda? Rasheeda Age and Birthday Info

Rasheeda is 40 years old. Born on May 25, 1982 in Atlanta, Georgia, United States, the iconic rapper, fashion designer and television personality has been a powerhouse of creativity and innovation for decades.

Crafting her signature style early in her teens with an exciting spin on hip-hop beats blended with trendy rhymes; Rasheeda quickly became known as one of the most talented female rappers around. Recently she has also taken up acting opportunities to expand her career even further with her own businesswoman venture - showcasing her unstoppable drive to succeed.

On this day, fifteen years since she released the single "My Bubblegum" off of her debut album Dirty South; we celebrate Rasheeda’s enduring success throughout time by spotlighting her amazing artistry and infectious personality!

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What is Rasheeda’s Zodiac Sign

Rasheeda's zodiac sign is Gemini. As a creative, multifaceted individual in music, fashion, television and business, the resourceful and social nature of a Gemini will work to Rasheeda’s benefit.

Her intelligence will enable her to quickly adapt to new situations and develop innovative ideas for projects. The ability of Geminis to view the world from different perspectives can be especially helpful when working in multiple professional fields.

Rasheeda struts effortlessly between industries like an effortless runway model - she is versatile and always able capture the attention of her fans with unique ideas from each profession. Her natural curiosity allows her to delve deep into any project she takes on for a 360-degree experience that resonates with all kinds of people.

Whether it’s through her edgy rap lyrics or chic fashion designs - there’s never a dull moment when watching or listening to this influential icon!

How Did Rasheeda Get Famous?

Rasheeda got famous and popular due to her incredible efforts in the music industry. Starting out as a rapper, she has since made a name for herself in multiple industries.

Over the years, she's become an established fashion designer and television personality, while also leveraging her business acumen to build up a 0.6 million dollar fortune through Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. Now at 40-years-old on this May 15th 2023 -- with over two decades of experience behind her -- she is one of the most respected figures in entertainment today; being both influential and inspiring to those around her.

Much more than just an artist however, Rasheeda stands for self-love and empowerment; leading by example with standout style choices that command attention wherever she goes — from extravagant ensembles fit for royalty to sleek looks befitting a modern day mogul. Setting trends instead of following them, beyond her talent lies Rasheeda’s real power: self-expression—which drives everything else forward; making this hip hop queen truly deserving of superstardom status!

Rasheeda Net Worth and Earnings

Rasheeda has a net worth of $600 Thousand. The 40-year-old rapper, fashion designer, television personality and businesswoman rose to fame when she debuted her successful music career in 2000 with hit songs such as 'My Bubble Gum' and 'Got That Good (My Bubble Gum)'.

With this success came even greater fortune for Rasheeda who quickly established her own fashion line, titled Pressed ATL. Her high profile appearances on the show Love & Hip Hop Atlanta earned her an additional 0.6 million dollar fortune which contributed to her current net worth of $600 Thousand as of May 15, 2023.

Rasheeda’s success is inspiring to many aspiring female entrepreneurs looking to create their own wealth through hard work and determination. Her example can help prove that anything is possible in the world of business if you stay focused on your goals!

Rasheeda Nationality and Ethnicity

Rasheeda is an American of mixed ethnicity. Her diverse background has been a major influence on her professional career as a rapper, fashion designer, television personality, and businesswoman.

She embraces both her American heritage and the unique flavor that comes with being of other backgrounds. Rasheeda's melting pot of cultures has provided her with a unique perspective on fashion trends in hip hop culture.

Her fashion-forward styles have earned her recognition from those within the industry, launching her presence into mainstream media. By bridging different cultures together through fashion and music, Rasheeda has solidified herself as an inspiring role model for others who straddle multiple cultural lines.

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Rasheeda Body Measurements

Height: 157 cm or 5′1″
Weight: 51 kg or 112 lbs
Eye color: Black
Hair color: Brown
Hair style: trendy
Waist size: No Data
Hips: No Data
Feet size: No Data
Have tattoo: Yes

Rasheeda's body measurements are 1.57m (5'2") in height and weighing 51 kg or 112 lbs. As a rapper, fashion designer, television personality, and businesswoman, Rasheeda's body plays an important role in her profession.

Her petite frame allows her to showcase her fashion designs with ease while performing on stage as a rapper. Her fit physique also attracts attention and inspires fans to follow suit with their fitness goals.

Overall, Rasheeda's body measurements not only contribute to her professional success but also make her a style icon for many of her fans around the world.

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