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Introducing Richard Dysart, the man behind some of the most iconic characters in Hollywood. He is a veteran actor, airman and voice-over artist who has had an impressive career spanning over four decades in show business.

Born on March 30th, 1929 in Massachusetts, USA, this remarkable man had humble beginnings as a shoemaker's son but went on to become one of America’s biggest entertainment stars and amass a $4 million net worth throughout his journey. From voicing beloved cartoon characters to playing lawyers with distinction, Richard Dysart is a star whose life story is well worth reading about if you’re looking for insight into Hollywood success!

Where Is Richard Dysart From and Where Was Richard Dysart Born

Richard Dysart was born in Boston, Massachusetts on March 30, 1929. A celebrated actor, airman and voice actor, Dysart is best known for his decades-long role as "Leland McKenzie" on L.A Law from 1986 to 1994.

His career began after serving in the U.S Armed Forces during the Korean War. This experience imparted an unshakeable sense of dedication and integrity into his craft that quickly drew attention from casting directors & producers alike.

In a career running over 50 years long, some of Richard Dysart's most notable works include voicing Alexander Hamilton on The Great American History Project; he also had roles in Stingray and Star Trek: The Next Generation. Known for his incomparable level of poise and reliability, it’s no doubt why this veteran actor has become a beacon of inspiration in both Hollywood & beyond!

Now privileged to look back at an all-star career with accumulated wisdom over 9 decades long — Richard Dysart stands out as one of the pillars of 20th century entertainment history!

How Old is Richard Dysart? Richard Dysart Age and Birthday Info

Richard Dysart was 94 years old at the time of his passing on April 5, 2015. Born in Boston, Massachusetts on March 30th, 1929, Richard was an actor and voice actor who served as a navigator in the United States Air Force during the Korean War.

Although Richard's career spanned five decades with over 140 roles in film and television; from television series such as "L.A. Law" to films like "Wall Street", he will forever remain etched in our minds as the iconic role that made him famous - Dr. Stewart Markus on The Bold and The Beautiful.

It seems only yesterday that we enjoyed watching him bring life to this beloved character! Richard Dysart enjoyed life for a remarkable 85 years before passing away at age 94.

He had a memorable career that touched millions of people around the world with its grace and charm – it truly is an unforgettable legacy of an extraordinary man!

What is Richard Dysart’s Zodiac Sign

Richard Dysart was born on March 30, 1929 and belongs to the zodiac sign Aries. This signifies his spirit of adventure and courage which serves him well as an actor, airman, and voice actor.

He is a true go-getter with an affinity for taking risks—a quality that often results in personal growth and success if channeled wisely. As a leader who goes after what he wants, Richard's enthusiasm and determination are inspiring traits to those around him.

His natural confidence gives him the ability to pursue projects without hesitation or external validation; this type of self-belief can open doors to many opportunities in life. Furthermore, being able to "think outside of the box" has enabled Richard to come up with creative solutions when problem-solving on set or while in flight!

Although Astro signs can only give us insights into someone’s character from an aerial view –for Richard Dysart it is clear what Aries means for his achievements at sea level: Success!

Richard Dysart Net Worth and Earnings

Richard Dysart's net worth is estimated at $4 million dollars according to reports from June 6, 2023. The veteran actor, airman and voice actor first made waves in the entertainment industry over five decades ago in 1972 starring in the groundbreaking television series "L.A. Law".

At 94 years old, Mr. Dysart is reaching iconic status having earned a Golden Globe for his performance on the show, three Emmy Award Nominations and success as narrator of both legitimate theatre productions and popular cartoons like "The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh". With four films set to release this year alone there’s no sign that he has any intention of slowing down yet.

Not bad for some veteran talent! With a promising schedule ahead you could say the sky’s the limit for Richard Dysart and his impressive net worth!

Richard Dysart Nationality and Ethnicity

Richard Dysart was an American actor, airman and voice actor of American ethnicity. His dual national identities have allowed him to work in a diverse range of media: from blockbuster films to gritty independent classics, from stage plays to animated shows.

In his extensive portfolio over the decades, common threads appear throughout: his ability to take on many roles and narrate stories with a unique voice that speaks to everyone regardless of nation or origin. He has been able to craft characters and personas for films that cross genre boundaries while staying true to himself as an artist, which can be attributed in part by his own intersectional identities as both a citizen of the United States and an ethnic American.

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