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Introducing Rytmus, the "King of Slovak rap" and one of Central Europe's most iconic celebrities. He has been performing his unique mix of hip hop, pop, and rock since the 1990s and quickly rose to fame from humble beginnings in Czechoslovakia.

With eight million dollars in net worth and a string of awards for his distinguished musical career under his belt, he is truly an inspiration for all aspiring musicians! Read on to discover Rytmus' journey – from hailing cab drivers in Bratislava to ruling stages around the world – as we explore this artist’s incredible life story.

Where Is Rytmus From and Where Was Rytmus Born

Rytmus is a Slovak rapper born on January 3, 1977 in Kroměříž, Czech Republic. Few have achieved as much success in their field as him – the winner of 6 Golden Gramophone awards, honorary citizen of his hometown and respected across all generations.

But he wasn't always a global superstar. Born to humble beginnings with no prior knowledge of music production or lyrics writing, Rytmus's innate talent and relentless commitment to creating meaningful art soon saw him rise through the industry ranks from the local clubs to major venues around the world.

Six studio albums, tens of singles and over 25 years later he continues to command sold-out shows and fill stadiums with his signature sound. From small town boy dreaming big to symbol for an entire nation - after two decades Rytmus is still standing tall at 46 years old, proving that true passion never fades away.

How Old is Rytmus? Rytmus Age and Birthday Info

Rytmus is 46 years old, born on January 3, 1977 in Kroměříž, Czech Republic. Today marks the Slovak hip hop star's 46th year of life and yet he looks so youthful, energetic and more motivated than ever.

After a decade of success, Rytmus has become one of Central Europe's most successful and prestigious figures in the rap genre. His unique style is often described as a mix between classic rhythmic rap delivery combined with modern electronic elements.

With these accomplishments behind him, it seems there’s no sign that Rytmus will be toning down anytime soon — his latest album just released making waves all over the Central European music industry - he continues to tour around Slovakia to promote it at packed-out performances lined up for months ahead! It’s an exciting feat for this talented artist who recently celebrated his forty-sixth birthday back on January 3rd.

Cheers to another incredible year in music — we can't wait to see what comes next!

What is Rytmus’s Zodiac Sign

Rytmus's zodiac sign is Capricorn, which means he is disciplined and ambitious in pursuit of his goals. He is a hardworking Slovak rapper that has made a career out of projecting himself as an artist who will stop at nothing to achieve success.

The Capricorn star sign makes him relentless in his ambition to become the best, pushing aside adversity and proving he's not afraid to take risks. As a result, Rytmus has been honored with multiple awards for his music, making him one of the most respected Slovak rappers today.

His incredible drive and thoughtful approach mean he knows precisely what steps need to be taken next to deliver creative masterpieces time after time; something very much reflective of the Capricorn sign. After years spent perfecting both his rap craftsmanship and business savvy understanding – all while keeping true to himself– there’s no telling just how far Rytmus can go this year!

Rytmus Net Worth and Earnings

Rytmus' net worth is estimated to be $8 million. The Slovak rapper, born 46 years ago, has accumulated his impressive wealth through record sales, touring and concerts around the world.

His tireless work over the past two decades has paid off in the form of a luxurious lifestyle that any star desires. His involvement in various high-profile endorsements and contracts with high-end fashion labels have also added to his wealth exponentially - giving him an unprecedented level of financial freedom and security.

With a well-rounded career that propels him into stardom and success, Rytmus continues to thrive as one of Slovakia’s most successful music artists going into 2023. And with his unyielding commitment toward creating timeless hits for his fans all across Europe, there’s no telling how far he can propel himself in this industry!

Rytmus Nationality and Ethnicity

Rytmus is a Slovak rapper with Czechoslovak, Slovak, and Czech nationality and Czech ethnicity. His roots have always deeply inspired his creative side and he often includes elements of traditional Slovak culture in his music.

Rytmus has managed to use his unique cultural heritage to become one of the biggest names in Slovak rap, elevating it to the next level by introducing style elements from all over Europe and beyond. From traditional folklore beats and samples to classic southern hip-hop rhythms, Rytmus's musical style is marked by its multicultural influence — a reflection of his identity as an artist.

Rytmus Body Measurements

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