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Sherry Stringfield
Full name: Sherry Stringfield
Birthday: June 24, 1967
Zodiac Sign:
Net Worth: $7 Million

This is the story of Sherry Stringfield, one of America's most beloved actresses and a true powerhouse on television. Born in 1967, Sherry has used her star power to take on some of the most iconic female roles throughout her career, from ER nurse Susan Lewis to undercover cop Faith Yokas.

From Hollywood blockbusters to Emmy-award winning performances, Sherry is an undeniable force in entertainment. With an estimated net worth of $7 Million and countless awards under her belt, it's no surprise that she continually captivates audiences around the world with her acclaimed roles.

For fans of unforgettable performances and strong female characters, this article covers all you need to know about the illustrious life and career of Sherry Stringfield!

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Where Is Sherry Stringfield From and Where Was Sherry Stringfield Born

Sherry Stringfield is an American actress from Colorado Springs, Colorado. Born on June 24, 1967, Stringfield is best known for her roles in ER and NYPD Blue.

As one of the most beloved stars in Hollywood, Stringfield's journey spans four decades of success and continues to remain a strong influence in television today. Starting off as a theater actor while studying at Northwestern University School of Communication, she soon made her television debut with guest appearances on shows like Perry Mason: The Case of the Desperate Deception and ABC Afterschool Specials.

Her breakout role came with the long-running medical drama series ER, where she played Dr. Susan Lewis for five seasons from 1994 to 1999. During that time Sherry also established herself as a talented movie actress starring in films such as Steel Magnolias (1989) and Universal Soldier (1992).

Stringfield has since landed multiple Emmy nominations across four hit shows - NYPD Blue, Without a Trace , Grey's Anatomy , and How To Get Away With Murder . As recently seen on Nancy Drew , this year marks more than 35 years of continued excellence and acclaim for Sherry Stringfield!

How Old is Sherry Stringfield? Sherry Stringfield Age and Birthday Info

Sherry Stringfield is 55 years old. Born in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA on June 24, 1967, the celebrated actress has achieved worldwide fame throughout her career.

Always a born performer, Sherry started acting at an early age and quickly developed a distinctive talent for portraying complex characters onscreen with convincing emotion and depth. From her breakout role playing nurse Susan Lewis on medical drama ER to more recent appearances in shows such as Instinct and Homeland, Sherry has consistently delivered outstanding performances - delighting audiences FOR decades.

No doubt Sherry will continue to capture hearts across the globe with her captivating presence. On this day (May 26th 2023), we offer our heartfelt congratulations to an actor who has given so much joy to so many - and our very best wishes for many more memorable performances still yet to come!

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What is Sherry Stringfield’s Zodiac Sign

Sherry Stringfield is a Cancer, born on June 24, 1967. This zodiac sign represents an intuitive sense of empathy and a strong desire for security in all aspects of life.

Being a Cancer helps Sherry understand the subtleties within her roles as an actress and gives her heightened sensitivity to emotions. As Cancers are natural nurturers, it may be no surprise that she has found success in so many genres from drama to comedy.

Her focus on inner growth and understanding give her the capability to project those authentic feelings into each character she takes on. Whether playing a love interest or comedic foil, Sherry's depth of skill roots in the courage and emotional awareness that makes up this star sign's soulful nature.

How Did Sherry Stringfield Get Famous?

Sherry Stringfield got famous and popular for her extensive acting career on both film and television. She began her rise to fame in the early 90s with memorable roles on hit shows like ER and NYPD Blue, which earned her Golden Globe nominations.

After spending a decade in the spotlight, she took a break from acting to focus on other things, but returned to prime-time TV four years ago when she joined the cast of Grey's Anatomy starring as Dr Meredith Grey's mother. Her impressive performances were praised by critics and fans alike, cementing her place among Hollywood elite once again.

For Vogue magazine: Sherry Stringfield made an indelible mark in Hollywood with her acclaimed performance across film and television. From sitcoms to police dramas, this multi-talented actress has dazzled audiences around the globe since bursting onto the scene in the early 90s.

But it was only four years ago that they witnessed a stunning resurgence of this veteran actress playing Dr Meredith Grey's mother on Grey's Anatomy - displaying a captivating range of emotions that have left us wanting more! With age comes wisdom, experience, skillful craftsmanship - Ms Stringfield masters all beautifully and continues to astound viewers everywhere with each new project!

Sherry Stringfield Net Worth and Earnings

Sherry Stringfield's net worth is estimated to be around $7 million. With over two decades of work in the film and television industry, this 55-year-old actress has come a long way from her debut role in 1991.

Today, she continues to be a familiar face on the small screen with her appearances in numerous TV shows such as ER, The West Wing, NYPD Blue, Grey's Anatomy and more. In addition to being a successful actress, Sherry also serves as an inspiration for many aspiring actors.

From achieving commercial success to becoming one of the most sought after actresses among millennials today, it seems like nothing can stop this veteran star from taking the world by storm!

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Sherry Stringfield Body Measurements

Height: 170 cm or 5′6″
Weight: 56 kg or 123 lbs
Eye color: No Data
Hair color: No Data
Hair style: No Data
Waist size: No Data
Hips: No Data
Feet size: No Data
Have tattoo: No Data

Sherry Stringfield's body measurements include a height of 5 ft 7 in (1.702 m) and weight of 56 kg (123.46 lbs). As an actress, her physique is an important aspect for portraying various characters on screen and maintaining a glamorous image off-screen.

Her height gives her a commanding presence, while her slender frame accentuates fashionable outfits she wears to red carpet events. However, she also prioritizes taking care of herself through exercise and healthy eating habits to maintain optimal health, as well as being confident in her own skin no matter what role she takes on.

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