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Susan Flannery
Full name: Susan Flannery
Birthday: July 31, 1939
Height: No Data
Weight: No Data
Zodiac Sign:
Net Worth: $9 Million

Susan Flannery is an American actress and Emmy-winner well known for her roles on CBS's hit soap opera, The Bold and the Beautiful. Fans of the show adore Flannery's acting and regularly cite her as being one of the best characters to appear in its almost three decade-long run.

With a net worth close to $9 million and a recently celebrated 81st birthday, it’s quite clear that Susan’s passion for entertaining has paid off wonderfully! So, what else do we know about this amazing woman?

In this exclusive article from Glamorous Magazine, learn more about Susan Flannery’s career trajectory, childhood memories and how she navigated the rocky terrain of stardom with such grace. From humble beginnings to global recognition – discover just why Susan is hailed as Hollywood royalty!

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Where Is Susan Flannery From and Where Was Susan Flannery Born

Susan Flannery is an American actress born in Jersey City, New Jersey on July 31, 1939. She is perhaps best known for her role as Stephanie Forrester in the long-running soap opera, The Bold and the Beautiful.

With more than sixty years of experience in show business and four Daytime Emmy Awards to her name, Susan Flannery is a shining example of grace and poise. From humble beginnings as part of a large Irish Catholic family in Jersey City to becoming one of daytime television's most beloved leading ladies, Flannery has served as an inspiration for women who strive to make their dreams come true with hard work and dedication.

Her career milestones include induction into the Soap Opera Hall of Fame and numerous awards including a 1984 Lifetime Achievement Award from the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences' Daytime Emmys. At age 84, she still continues to captivate audiences with her distinguished charm that has been sought out by directors around the world year after year - an iconic beacon of strength that defines the phrase: timeless beauty.

How Old is Susan Flannery? Susan Flannery Age and Birthday Info

Susan Flannery, the veteran actress from Jersey City, New Jersey in the United States is 83 years old as of May 26, 2023. For decades now, Susan has been a stalwart figure in television and film circles, captivating generations with her charms and talent.

It's no secret that Susan was born on July 31st back in 1939, making her one of the most influential figures to have emerged from that era. From her prolific start in 1966 when she first made an appearance on Love Is A Many Splendored Thing to more recent projects like The Bold and The Beautiful which has become a family favorite for many homes around the world; Susan Flannery’s astute approach to story-telling has brought ordinary moments to life for millions of people globally.

Today, as she celebrates her 84th birthday this year next month in July 2021 - having worked across multiple mediums ranging from theatre productions to film releases - it's safe to say Susan will always remain an iconic figure who continues to inspire new age storytellers across all levels!

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What is Susan Flannery’s Zodiac Sign

Susan Flannery's zodiac sign is Leo, which means she has a natural talent for acting. Her ambition and enthusiasm ensure her roles are always full of life and energy.

As a Leo, Susan craves admiration and appreciation from the audience, which makes her performances truly captivating. She also enjoys the limelight, often putting herself in front of it whenever possible.

The fiery heart of the Lioness lies at the core of Susan's success as an actress; her passion can be seen in each performance. Royalty and courage come naturally to those born under this zodiac sign - two traits that Susan Flannery embodies in every role she takes on.

But behind that bright smile is a leader who puts others before herself: people will often find themselves being inspired by her empowering words throughout their journey with her characters. Los Angeles-based drama queen Susan Flannery has been turning heads since 1939 when she was born under the magnificent star sign of Leo!

With over 60 years in showbiz, it is only right that we recognize this incredible talent whose undeniable charm keeps us coming back for more heartwarming moments with our favorite characters played out by no one else but our beloved Leo starlet!

Susan Flannery Net Worth and Earnings

Susan Flannery has a net worth of $9 million. Her impressive wealth is no surprise, considering the 83-year-old has established herself as one of the most renowned actresses of our time.

Since 1971, when she joined the cast of "The Bold and The Beautiful", Susan's career has skyrocketed. With her iconic roles such as Stephanie Forrester in "The Bold and The Beautiful" and Dr. Laura Spencer Horton in "Days Of Our Lives", Susan brought talent, charisma and passion to each part she performed with excellence over five decades ago.

Over these years, she was able to build her substantial fortune through acting deals, investments and other business ventures. Nowadays, at 83 years old but still looking fabulous thanks to her strict dieting routine and work out sessions, Susan enjoys a comfortable life surrounded by family and friends while living off the fruits of her labor from decades before.

Susan Flannery Nationality and Ethnicity

Susan Flannery is an American actress of Pakistani ethnicity. Her roots have served her well in the entertainment industry, giving her a unique spin on the characters she has portrayed throughout her career.

With a background so diverse, Susan's roles have ranged from dramatic to comedic and audiences can experience her culture through each performance. By using elements of both American and Pakistani cultures in her work she creates an unforgettable viewing experience that infuses different parts of herself into every character she takes on.

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Susan Flannery Body Measurements

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