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Introducing Tim Thomerson, the illustrious American actor and comedian who has been a staple in many iconic films since the 1980s. From comedic roles to playing tough macho authority figures, this legendary actor has made his mark in Hollywood.

With humble beginnings and an estimated net worth of $2 million, this 71-year-old has stood the test of time with countless memorable on-screen performances. Get ready to learn all about him and why he is worthy of admiration!

Explore untold secrets of Thomerson's success stories and revel in all that he accomplished as an outspoken advocate for veterans rights. Find out if he ever wished for a different kind of life now that fame finally found him too late, only here!

Where Is Tim Thomerson From and Where Was Tim Thomerson Born

Tim Thomerson is an American actor and comedian born in Coronado, California on April 8, 1946. Best known for his 80s films such as ‘Trancers’ and TV show ‘Moonlighting’ as a supporting character, Tim’s love of performing began at a young age singing in a choir at his local church.

After attending college to study architecture he switched paths after shortly realising it wasn’t the right career choice for him. Fast forward to 2023 – Tim continues to make people laugh with over 300 credits working alongside some of Hollywood's biggest stars including Robert de Niro, Mel Brooks and Tom Cruise!

He has not only carved out an impressive career working across both film and television but also paved the way for future generations of actors. A true talent that finds joy in making others happy- we can all raise our glasses to Tim Thomerson!

How Old is Tim Thomerson? Tim Thomerson Age and Birthday Info

Tim Thomerson is 77 years old. Born on April 8, 1946 in Coronado, California, this talented actor and comedian has been gracing the film industry with his presence for many decades now.

Starting off as a stand-up comic in his hometown of San Francisco in the 1960s, Thomerson's break came when he landed his first feature role as James P. Arness' sidekick Deputy Curtis Bush in the 1985 cult classic Necessary Roughness. Since then, he has starred in numerous movies and TV shows including Fandango (1985), Dollman (1991) and My Name Is Earl (2008).

His most recent project was a reoccurring role for Ray Donovan back in 2017. Now at the grand age of 77 with six decades worth of work under his belt, Tim Thomerson continues to surprise us all with what he can bring out to a character’s performance!

What is Tim Thomerson’s Zodiac Sign

Tim Thomerson is an Aries (April 8, 1946). This sign of the Zodiac has come to represent a pioneering spirit that empowers actors and comedians.

By nature, an Aries may be adventurous and explorative; they take risks and are prone to try out their creative ideas without hesitation or fear. As such, Tim Thomerson's natural emotional drive for expression makes him perfect for his current career in comedy and acting.

Furthermore, he can easily tune into different energies while on stage or on-screen thanks to his Arian forward thinking mind - something which has earned him acclaim from audiences near and far. With over 50 years of experience it seems as if Tim Thomerson was born to star on the silver screen or perform stand-up routines with ease - all thanks to his ambitious spirit cemented by being born under the fire sign of Aries!

How Did Tim Thomerson Get Famous?

Tim Thomerson got famous and popular for his portrayal of tough macho authority figures. His iconic roles, ranging from the Captain in Tank Girl to Jake Styles in Fade to Black, have set him apart as an actor with a unique style and charisma.

Thomerson began his career during the late 1970s and early 1980s with small roles on various television shows before securing larger parts in movies like Trancers and The Exterminator 2. After gaining national recognition, Tim appeared on countless tv shows and films throughout the 90s and 2000s, most notably as Jack Dalton on Quantum Leap.

His diverse resume has allowed him to remain relevant despite being 77 years old today. As one of Hollywood’s most beloved bad boys, fans marvel at how Thomerson continues to bring a classic rebellious charm along with plenty of laughs to each role he takes on over four decades after first starting out.

From comedy sketches to feature films – Tim Thomerson is an entertainment powerhouse who consistently makes waves in the industry no matter what generation we’re part of!

Tim Thomerson Net Worth and Earnings

Tim Thomerson's net worth is estimated at $2 million. As an iconic American actor and comedian, Tim Thomerson has been a show stopping presence in the entertainment industry for nearly six decades.

His memorable performance as tough macho authority figures quickly earned him recognition and fame throughout his illustrious career. At 77 years old, he has become one of the most beloved entertainers in American culture today.

From comedy clubs to movie sets, Tim Thomson has left a lasting mark in every corner of the entertainment world with his own unique brand of humor and dazzling wit that never ceases to amaze fans young and old alike. Today, his trademark style remains just as popular and relevant as ever before!

To cap off his long career, his current net worth stands as a testament to all he achieved over decades spent on stage and screen that will continue to bring joy to countless viewers for many years to come!

Tim Thomerson Nationality and Ethnicity

Tim Thomerson is an American actor and comedian of American heritage. Though he was born in the US, his ethnicity would inform his creative process, giving him a unique perspective on stage and on film.

As an American artist, his work has been greatly shaped by the diversity of culture within the United States that allowed him to tap into various nuances in order to make characters more believable and relatable for audiences. His body of work exemplifies how vital it is for creatives to embrace their own identities and experiences when constructing content or performances so as to best authentically communicate while simultaneously entertaining.

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