Celebrities born on April 06

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Mir Osman Ali Khan
  • Nizam of Hyderabad

1. Mir Osman Ali Khan

Net Worth: $230 Billion

From rags to riches, Mir Osman Ali Khan's tale of opulence and power is one that will leave you breathless. Once a mere commoner, this Indian gentleman rose to become the Nizam of Hyderabad, ruling with unparalleled wealth and extravagance. With a net worth of $230 billion, he held the title as the richest man…
  • Businessman

2. Ray Lee Hunt

Net Worth: $6.1 Billion

Ray Lee Hunt is an American businessperson and billionaire who has built his success through investments in the energy sector. His entrepreneurial journey began with his father's oil company, Hunt Oil Company, which he inherited and developed into a multi-billion dollar enterprise. Now, Ray Lee Hunt is one of the richest people in America and…
  • Businessman

3. Trevor Milton

Net Worth: $250 Million

Meet Trevor Milton – the charismatic businessman who is taking the world by storm! This young entrepreneur has a net worth of $250 million and an impressive list of accomplishments. From building a revolutionary electric vehicle company to pioneering technological advancements in multiple industries, his story is one that deserves to be heard. Find out…
Steven Levitan
  • Businessperson

4. Steven Levitan

Net Worth: $200 Million

From humble beginnings to Hollywood billionaire: Get ready to dive into the captivating world of screenwriter, television director, and prodigiously talented businessman, Steven Levitan. With a dazzling career spanning decades, Levitan has become a household name in the entertainment industry. But what is it about this creative genius that has everyone talking? Our exclusive...
Barry Levinson
  • Actor

5. Barry Levinson

Net Worth: $150 Million

The award-winning filmmaker, writer and actor Barry Levinson is an American success story. With a career spanning over five decades, he has achieved a net worth of $150 million and won numerous prestigious awards for his work. He's been described as one of the most influential figures in modern cinema. From short films to blockbuster…
Richard Rosenblatt
  • CEO

6. Richard Rosenblatt

Net Worth: $100 Million

From a visionary entrepreneur to a trailblazing leader, Richard Rosenblatt has amassed both fortune and fame in the business world. As the co-founder, chairman, and CEO of numerous successful ventures, his name is synonymous with entrepreneurial brilliance. This exclusive article delves deep into the extraordinary life of Richard Rosenblatt – an iconic figure who has...
Li Lu
  • Businessman

7. Li Lu

Net Worth: $100 Million

Meet Li Lu; the businessman who went from a poor Chinese immigrant to one of America's most successful venture capitalists with an estimated net worth of $100 Million. Born on April 6, 1966 in Shanghai, China, this visionary has always been driven by his curiosity and ambition. The story of how he achieved such success…
John Ratzenberger
  • Actor

8. John Ratzenberger

Net Worth: $80 Million

From the big screen to your living room, John Ratzenberger has made a name for himself in Hollywood as both an accomplished actor and voice actor. With over 30 years of experience and a net worth of $80 million, Ratzenberger's career is nothing short of remarkable. But there's so much more to this talented performer…
Paul Rudd
  • Actor

9. Paul Rudd

Net Worth: $75 Million

He's the charming actor who effortlessly steals every scene he's in; you know him, you love him – it's Paul Rudd. From his early days on Friends as Phoebe's husband Mike, to portraying Ant-Man in Marvel Cinematic Universe, this Hollywood heartthrob has captured audiences' hearts with his wit and charm. But there's more to Paul…
Todd Chrisley
  • TV Personality

10. Todd Chrisley

Net Worth: $50 Million

Meet Todd Chrisley, the multimillionaire business mogul and star of USA Network's hit reality show "Chrisley Knows Best"! Born on April 6th, 1969 in Georgia, this 51-year-old TV Personality is a true rags to riches story – one that you won't want to miss out on. From his humble beginnings to becoming one of the…