Celebrities born on April 30

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Chris Morris
  • South African cricketer

21. Chris Morris

Net Worth: $9 Million

From cricket pitch to life's rich tapestry: Unleashing the untold story of the stylish and charismatic Chris Morris. Glamorous, talented, and worth a whopping $9 million, this South African sensation has conquered not only the game of cricket but also our hearts. Prepare to be captivated as we delve deep into the remarkable journey of…
Perry King
  • Actor

22. Perry King

Net Worth: $8 Million

Are you looking for an interesting story about a famous and successful actor? Then Perry King is who you need to know! This master of stage and screen was born on April 30, 1948, in the United States of America. With an enviable net worth of $8 million, Perry King has worked hard for his…
Mike Matusow
  • Poker

23. Mike Matusow

Net Worth: $8 Million

From poker prodigy to millionaire maverick, get ready to delve into the extraordinary life and high-stakes career of Mike Matusow. Known as 'The Mouth' in the electrifying world of professional poker, this American sensation has amassed a jaw-dropping net worth of $8 million! With his captivating persona and unparalleled poker skills, Matusow has become an…
  • Musician

24. Justin Vernon (Bon Iver)

Net Worth: $8 Million

From indie darling to Grammy-winning sensation, Justin Vernon (aka Bon Iver) has captivated the hearts and souls of music lovers worldwide. This enigmatic musician, songwriter, and singer have woven a spellbinding tale through his haunting melodies and soul-stirring lyrics. Curious about the man behind the ethereal tunes that have become the soundtrack to our deepest...
Stephen Harper
  • Politician

25. Stephen Harper

Net Worth: $7 Million

Stephen Harper: The Extraordinary Journey of Canada's Enigmatic Statesman! From humble beginnings to the pinnacle of power, this captivating biography reveals the untold story of one of Canada's most influential politicians. With a net worth of $7 million, he personifies success against all odds. In our exclusive article, we delve deep into Stephen Harper's...
Tony Pollard
  • American football player

26. Tony Pollard

Net Worth: $6 Million

Tony Pollard: The NFL's Rising Star with a $6 Million Net Worth. Get to know the dynamic American football player who is taking the league by storm, in our exclusive biography! From his electrifying plays on the field to his skyrocketing net worth, Tony Pollard has captivated audiences worldwide with his exceptional athleticism and undeniable…
Merrill Osmond
  • Actor

27. Merrill Osmond

Net Worth: $5 Million

Exclusive! Unveiling the Untold Story of Merrill Osmond: From Boy Band Heartthrob to Iconic Music Legend – You Won't Believe His Journey!" Get ready for a jaw-dropping ride down memory lane as we delve deep into the extraordinary life of the multi-talented Merrill Osmond. This musical maestro, famous for his angelic voice and mesmerizing stage…
Jeff Timmons
  • Actor

28. Jeff Timmons

Net Worth: $5 Million

From heartthrob to music sensation, Jeff Timmons has captured the world's attention with his irresistible charm and undeniable talent. Known as one of the founding members of the iconic boy band 98 Degrees, this multi-faceted entertainer has won over millions of hearts with his soulful voice and captivating performances. But there is so much more…
Marina Squerciati
  • Actor

29. Marina Squerciati

Net Worth: $5 Million

Marina Squerciati: America's Italian Gem Shines Bright on the Silver Screen. You won't believe what this stunning actress has achieved and how she carved her way to success! Marina Squerciati, renowned for her captivating performances, is taking Hollywood by storm with her undeniable talent and striking beauty. Known for her breakout role as Officer Kim…
Adrian Pasdar
  • Actor

30. Adrian Pasdar

Net Worth: $5 Million

Adrian Pasdar has been a mesmerizing presence on the screen since the early 80s. He is an American actor, film director, voice actor, and guitarist who is best known for playing Nathan Petrelli in Heroes and Jim Profit in Profit. With over 5 million dollars of net worth to his name and an impressive list…