Celebrities born on August 25

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David de Rothschild
  • Environmentalist

1. David de Rothschild

Net Worth: $10 Billion

Are you intrigued by the lifestyle of extraordinary people? Meet David de Rothschild, one of the wealthiest environmentalists in the world. Born in England on August 25, 1978, David has pioneered a new style of advocacy; working with companies to create positive change for the environment and our planet. His net worth is estimated at…
Xavier Niel
  • Businessman

2. Xavier Niel

Net Worth: $4.22 Billion

From rags to riches and an empire built on innovation, meet the enigmatic Xavier Niel – the trailblazing French businessman who's taking the tech world by storm. With a jaw-dropping net worth of $4.22 billion, this self-made tycoon has captivated both Wall Street and Silicon Valley with his unparalleled success. But it's not just his…
Gene Simmons
  • Actor

3. Gene Simmons

Net Worth: $410 Million

From rockstar to reality star, Gene Simmons has captivated audiences around the world with his larger-than-life persona and iconic music. Known as the frontman of legendary band KISS, this Israeli-American treasure has left an indelible mark on the music industry with his flamboyant stage presence and unforgettable hits. But there's so much more to discover…
Sean Connery
  • Actor

4. Sean Connery

Net Worth: $300 Million Pound

Legendary actor and producer Sir Sean Connery is the epitome of grace, style, and poise. His illustrious career as James Bond has made him a global icon of charm and sophistication. Born on August 25th 1930 in Scotland, he quickly rose to fame for his many roles both on-screen and behind the scenes. Now with…
Tim Burton
  • Film Director

5. Tim Burton

Net Worth: $100 Million

Experience the thrilling life of a visionary genius, movie-making marvel, and an artistic master. Tim Burton has changed the cinematic landscape in ways that have inspired us for over 30 years. Join us as we explore his background, filmography, and the fascinating world he's created. From working with Johnny Depp on cult classics like Edward…
Rachael Ray
  • TV Personality

6. Rachael Ray

Net Worth: $75 Million

From humble beginnings to culinary stardom, Rachael Ray has captured the hearts of millions with her infectious energy and irresistible recipes. This self-made TV personality has become a household name, dazzling viewers with her down-to-earth charm and mouthwatering creations. But there's much more to this captivating woman than meets the eye. In this exclusive article,...
Claudia Schiffer
  • Actress

7. Claudia Schiffer

Net Worth: $70 Million

Gorgeous, talented, and a true icon of the fashion industry, Claudia Schiffer has been gracing runways and magazine covers for over three decades. As one of the original supermodels, Schiffer’s striking blue eyes and stunning physique have captivated audiences around the world since the 1990s. But there is so much more to this German beauty…
Elvis Costello
  • Musician

8. Elvis Costello

Net Worth: $70 Million

From punk rock pioneer to revered musical icon, Elvis Costello has captivated the hearts of millions with his timeless melodies and rebellious spirit. With a career spanning over four decades, this British musician has become synonymous with innovation and artistic excellence. In this enthralling article, we delve into the life of Elvis Costello – the…
Michael Cohen
  • Politician

9. Michael Cohen

Net Worth: $63 Million

Meet Michael Cohen, the political powerhouse who’s been making headlines since his birth on August 25th, 1966. He continues to be a pivotal name in politics and finance alike – amassing an impressive net worth of $63 million. With such success and remarkable accomplishments, it's no wonder why many are so intrigued by him even…
Justin Upton
  • Athlete

10. Justin Upton

Net Worth: $40 Million

From humble beginnings to multi-million dollar contracts and international recognition, we delve into the captivating story of Justin Upton. The 33-year-old baseball superstar has made headlines with his impressive skills, earning him a net worth of $40 million. But what drives this talented athlete? In this article, we explore his early years growing up in…