Celebrities born on February 05

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Joseph Lewis
  • Businessman

1. Joseph Lewis

Net Worth: $5.7 Billion

Meet Joseph Lewis, the self-made multibillionaire who has earned his immense fortune through hard work and determination. Born in England on February 5, 1937, the 83-year-old entrepreneur and investor is worth an astonishing $5.7 billion! From humble beginnings to become one of the world's wealthiest individuals, this inspiring rags to riches story will have you...
Joe Lewis
  • Businessman

2. Joe Lewis

Net Worth: $5.2 Billion

Joe Lewis is a remarkable figure from the business world. A British national born on February 5, 1937, he is known for being one of the most successful investors and businessmen in history with a net worth of $5.2 billion. His amazing success story began at a very young age when he started capitalizing on…
Roger Staubach
  • Businessman

3. Roger Staubach

Net Worth: $600 Million

Introducing the legendary Roger Staubach: America's favorite former professional football player, bestselling author and highly successful businessman. From leading the Dallas Cowboys to two Super Bowl victories in the 70s, famously managing real estate firm JLL, to now having a net worth of $600 million – this is an incredible story of determination and success....
Cristiano Ronaldo
  • Athlete

4. Cristiano Ronaldo

Net Worth: $500 Million

Cristiano Ronaldo is a global icon who has attained fame both on and off the pitch. Born in 1985, he has become one of the most famous athletes of all time, with four Champions Leagues titles, five Ballon d'Or awards and an incredible five European Golden Shoes to his name. His remarkable career success and…
  • Actor

5. Neymar

Net Worth: $220 Million

Neymar Jr., the Brazilian soccer phenom, is one of the most recognizable faces in sports today. Born on February 5th 1992, Neymar has earned international acclaim and recognition for his brilliant displays on the soccer pitch. He’s become an inspiration to millions around the world with a net worth of $220 million. But what lies…
Armstrong Williams
  • Pundit

6. Armstrong Williams

Net Worth: $200 Million

Armstrong Williams is an American media mogul, proud owner of a multiple companies and television stations, with a net worth of $200 million. He's been on the public eye since 1997, when he became a syndicated columnist for his political show The Right Side with Armstrong Williams. His knowledge in politics has made him one…
Neymar da Silva Santos Junior
  • Athlete

7. Neymar da Silva Santos Junior

Net Worth: $185 Million

From humble beginnings to worldwide fame, delve into the extraordinary life of Neymar da Silva Santos Junior – Brazil's most iconic football player and sports sensation. Known for his exceptional skills, dazzling footwork, and charismatic personality, Neymar has captured the hearts of millions across the globe. With a staggering net worth of $185 million, this...
Michael Mann
  • Cinematographer

8. Michael Mann

Net Worth: $90 Million

He's Hollywood's master of crime-action dramas. Michael Mann has directed, written, produced and edited some of the most successful films in history — Heat, Collateral and The Insider among them. His impact on the entertainment industry can’t be overstated – his 90 million net worth is testimony to that fact. With blockbusters such as Ali,…
Duff McKagan
  • Bassist

9. Duff McKagan

Net Worth: $70 Million

Intriguing and enigmatic, Duff McKagan has surpassed the boundaries of rock stardom, leaving an indelible mark on the music industry. As a songwriter, musician, bassist, and guitarist extraordinaire, he has captivated audiences around the world with his magnetic talent and rock 'n' roll spirit. But what lies beneath that iconic mane? What secrets does this…
Nolan Bushnell
  • Businessman

10. Nolan Bushnell

Net Worth: $50 Million

Are you a fan of groundbreaking inventions, video games and entrepreneurship? Then you are sure to love this article about Nolan Bushnell – the man who revolutionized the world of entertainment! At the age of 77, the legendary American entrepreneur and businessperson has an estimated net worth of $50 million. His accomplishments have left an…