Celebrities born on February 22

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  • Richest Billionaires

1. Guilherme Peirao Leal

Net Worth: $1.8 Billion

Guilherme Peirao Leal, born on February 22, 1950 in Brazil, is one of the world's wealthiest billionaires. His estimated net worth is an eye-popping $1.8 billion and he has made a name for himself with his impressive success in business. A dynamic man who lives life to the fullest, Guilherme Peirao Leal is truly an…
Drew Barrymore
  • Producer

2. Drew Barrymore

Net Worth: $125 Million

Drew Barrymore is an internationally renowned American producer, philanthropist, and actress who has enthralled fans with her iconic lisp sweet voice and stunning performances for over four decades. A household name in the entertainment industry, Drew continues to gain love and admiration from fans all over the world for a career which includes iconic movies…
Ted Kennedy
  • Lawyer

3. Ted Kennedy

Net Worth: $100 Million

Ted Kennedy was more than just a politician – he was an influential statesman whose legacy lives on to this day. Born in 1932, the late Senator from Massachusetts became the second most prominent member of arguably one of America's most powerful and iconic political dynasties: The Kennedys. Through his long and illustrious career as…
Vijay Singh
  • Golfer

4. Vijay Singh

Net Worth: $65 Million

Meet Vijay Singh, one of the most illustrious golfers in history. Born in Lautoka, Fiji, on February 22th, 1963, the 56-year-old athlete has made a fortune with his 19 PGA Tour wins and over 60 international titles. Despite starting his career late – he was already 28 when he turned professional – Singh became an…
Jayson Williams
  • Athlete

5. Jayson Williams

Net Worth: $60 Million

Former NBA superstar, Jayson Williams, is a name synonymous with basketball excellence and now he has achieved a level of rags-to-riches success off the court. Born on February 22, 1968 to an impoverished upbringing in America, Jayson rose from poverty to become one of the greatest power forwards in history. After skyrocketing to fame through…
Sparky Anderson
  • Athlete

6. Sparky Anderson

Net Worth: $60 Million

Attention sports fans and baseball enthusiasts, we bring you an exclusive inside look at the life of a legendary figure in American baseball – Sparky Anderson. Born on February 22, 1934, this iconic athlete is famously known for his outstanding contribution as a player and manager in the world of baseball. With an impressive net…
Julius Erving
  • Athlete

7. Julius Erving

Net Worth: $50 Million

Julius Erving, nicknamed "Dr. J", is an American former professional basketball player and one of the most iconic figures in sports history. The legendary athlete was born on February 22, 1950, and has since become a living legend for his extraordinary skill set and athleticism that revolutionized physical play on the court. He accumulated an…
Rajon Rondo
  • Athlete

8. Rajon Rondo

Net Worth: $45 Million

Introducing the multi-hyphenate star Rajon Rondo! The American professional athlete is best known for his career in basketball, which has propelled him into stardom. Having already achieved incredible success and accumulated a staggering net worth of over $45 million by the age of 34, it's no surprise that he continues to make waves in the…
Niki Lauda
  • Non-Executive Chairman of the Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team

9. Niki Lauda

Net Worth: $43 Million

Niki Lauda, the Austrian Formula 1 legend, is a man with an awe-inspiring career. He began his professional racing career in 1971 and since then has not stopped winning. In 1975 he won the Formula One World Championship, repeating this feat in 1977 and 1984. Now aged 71, Lauda currently serves as Chairman of Mercedes…
Jonathan Demme
  • Actor

10. Jonathan Demme

Net Worth: $40 Million

Get to know the legendary director Jonathan Demme in this exclusive look at his remarkable life. Jonathan Demme is a world-renowned American filmmaker, producer, actor, and screenwriter whose unforgettable works have set new standards of artistry for decades. Born on February 22, 1944, he has become one of the most celebrated and successful filmmakers in…