Celebrities born on February 25

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  • Richest Billionaires

1. Barbara Piasecka Johnson

Net Worth: $3.6 Billion

Barbara Piasecka Johnson is an inspiring example of a woman who began with very little and achieved extraordinary success. Born in 1937 in Poland, she arrived in the United States at the age of 28 speaking no English, only to become one of America's wealthiest self-made billionaires by the time she passed away in 2013.…
  • Bauhaus AG

2. Heinz-Georg Baus

Net Worth: $3.4 Billion

Heinz-Georg Baus, born on February 25th in 1934, is the owner of Bauhaus AG and one of Germany's wealthiest individuals. With a net worth estimated at around $3.4 billion, he has become an admirable symbol of success to many aspiring entrepreneurs and business executives. Achieving such success in such a short time period can only…
  • Chairman of Apotex

3. Bernard (Barry) Sherman

Net Worth: $3 Billion

From Rags to Riches: Unveiling the Extraordinary Journey of a Canadian Legend, Bernard (Barry) Sherman!" Prepare to be captivated by the mesmerizing life story of a true industry titan who defied all odds. Meet Barry Sherman, the brilliant Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Apotex, whose visionary leadership transformed him into a billionaire sensation. This...
Jerry Reinsdorf
  • Businessperson

4. Jerry Reinsdorf

Net Worth: $2 Billion

Jerry Reinsdorf, a renowned American lawyer and businessperson, is an extraordinary self-made billionaire with an inspiring life story. Born on February 25th, 1936 in Brooklyn, NY to Jewish immigrants from Ukraine and Belarus, Jerry has come to be known for his determination and astute business acumen that have taken him from humble beginnings to becoming…
Sun Myung Moon
  • Author

5. Sun Myung Moon

Net Worth: $900 Million

Revered by millions, Sun Myung Moon was a South Korean man born on February 25th 1920. A self-proclaimed messiah and the founder of the Unification Church, he has been renowned throughout his life for his controversial religious views, as well as social and political activism. Described as an "astute businessman" and "innovative thinker", Moon earned…
George Harrison
  • Film Producer

6. George Harrison

Net Worth: $400 Million

Get ready to dive into the extraordinary life of George Harrison, the iconic musician and former member of the legendary band, The Beatles. From his humble beginnings in Liverpool to conquering the world with his soulful voice and mesmerizing melodies, Harrison's journey is nothing short of captivating. Throughout his career, this multi-talented artist has not…
Ali Haddad
  • CEO

7. Ali Haddad

Net Worth: $300 Million

From rags to riches: The extraordinary journey of Ali Haddad, the Tunisian tycoon who built an empire and conquered the business world. As one of North Africa's most successful CEOs, Haddad's name is synonymous with power and success. With a net worth surpassing $300 million, this captivating entrepreneur has become a global icon of triumph…
Carrot Top
  • Actor

8. Carrot Top

Net Worth: $75 Million

From stand-up stardom to Hollywood fame, Carrot Top has carved a unique path in the entertainment industry that deserves our undivided attention. This red-haired, zany genius has been captivating audiences worldwide with his offbeat comedy and larger-than-life presence for decades. But who is this enigmatic performer behind the wild mop of fiery hair? Get ready…
  • DJ

9. Kaskade

Net Worth: $60 Million

Kaskade, the revered music producer, DJ, and songwriter from Chicago, is an American icon. With over ten albums to his name and millions of fans across the globe, Kaskade has made a huge impact in the music industry since his arrival in 1998. He stands out from other artists with a unique blend of traditional…
Clarence Avant
  • Entrepreneur

10. Clarence Avant

Net Worth: $60 Million

Meet Clarence Avant: The Unstoppable Force Behind Hollywood's Biggest Hits and Music's Most Iconic Stars. From launching groundbreaking films to crafting chart-topping hits, this legendary music executive has revolutionized the entertainment industry like no other. With his razor-sharp instincts and unparalleled business acumen, Avant has shaped the careers of...