Celebrities born on January 11

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  • Richest Billionaires

1. Clayton Mathile

Net Worth: $3.3 Billion

Have you ever wondered who the world’s richest billionaire is? Wonder no more, and welcome to Clayton Mathile – a renowned American businessperson with an estimated net worth of $3.3 billion. Born on January 11, 1941, Mathile has been making waves in the business sphere since his emergence onto the scene. Find out more about…
Lewis Katz
  • Businessman

2. Lewis Katz

Net Worth: $400 Million

From rags to riches, discover the extraordinary life of the legendary Lewis Katz – the brilliant businessman, esteemed lawyer, and philanthropic powerhouse! Step into a world filled with glitz, glamour, and unparalleled success as we uncover the secrets behind his meteoric rise in business and media. With a net worth of a staggering $400 million…
Tasha Marbury
  • TV Personality

3. Tasha Marbury

Net Worth: $45 Million

She’s got the glitz, the glam, and a net worth of $45 million to boot. Meet Tasha Marbury – TV personality, entrepreneur, and wife of former NBA star Stephon Marbury. Best known for her stint on VH1’s hit reality show "Basketball Wives", Tasha is a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry. But…
Yolanda Hadid Foster
  • Actor

4. Yolanda Hadid Foster

Net Worth: $45 Million

Yolanda Hadid Foster is a name that has become synonymous with elegance, beauty, and success. This American-born actress, model, and interior designer has lived a life filled with glitz and glamour, making her one of the most sought-after personalities in the entertainment industry. But it's not just her fame that makes her so fascinating; Yolanda's…
Matt Mullenweg
  • computer programmer

5. Matt Mullenweg

Net Worth: $40 Million

From geek to guru: The electrifying rise of Matt Mullenweg, the visionary computer programmer who's taking the tech world by storm. Brace yourself for a gripping journey into the life of this unstoppable force, as we unveil the untold story behind his extraordinary success. Born on January 11, 1984, in America, Matt Mullenweg has shattered…
Carroll Shelby
  • Designer

6. Carroll Shelby

Net Worth: $40 Million

Get ready to rev your engines as we take a ride through the life of one of the most iconic figures in motorsports – Carroll Shelby. Born on January 11, 1923, Shelby was not just a race car driver but also an entrepreneur and designer who left an indelible mark on the automotive industry. From…
Rahul Dravid
  • Athlete

7. Rahul Dravid

Net Worth: $40 Million

From the cricket pitch to the pages of a glamorous magazine, Rahul Dravid emerges as the ultimate sports icon with a captivating life story that will leave you in awe. Celebrated as one of India's greatest cricketers and athletes, Dravid has captured the hearts of millions around the world with his sheer talent and unwavering…
  • Athlete

8. Max Carey (MLB)

Net Worth: $36 Million

Max Carey: The Dazzling Legacy of Baseball's Finest Athlete. Get ready to uncover the extraordinary life of Max Carey, the legendary baseball player hailed as one of America's greatest athletes. From his incredible speed on the field to his captivating rise to stardom, this article invites you into a world where passion and glory intertwine.…
  • Athlete

9. Max Carey

Net Worth: $36 Million

Get ready to be inspired by the story of one of America's greatest athletes and baseball players, Max Carey. Born on January 11, 1890, Carey's legacy has spanned over a century and continues to inspire sports fans today. With a net worth of $36 million, his success both on and off the field is remarkable.…
Demario Davis
  • American football linebacker

10. Demario Davis

Net Worth: $28 Million

From underdog to NFL superstar, Demario Davis has captured the hearts of football fans across the nation with his unparalleled talent and unwavering determination. This charismatic American football linebacker is not only a force to be reckoned with on the field, but his captivating journey from humble beginnings has inspired millions. In this exclusive article,…