Celebrities born on July 02

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  • Retail company

1. Walmart

Net Worth: $388 Billion

From a small town entrepreneur to a towering retail empire, Walmart has revolutionized the way we shop and become an iconic symbol of American success. But did you know that behind this remarkable phenomenon lies the extraordinary story of one person? Discover the captivating biography of the genius behind it all in our exclusive tell-all…
  • IT Company

2. Infosys

Net Worth: $85 Billion

Meet the enigmatic Indian IT tycoon, Infosys – a name that is synonymous with success and innovation in the tech world. Born on July 2, 1981, this trailblazing entrepreneur has captivated the business landscape with his visionary approach and relentless pursuit of excellence. With a staggering net worth of $85 billion, Infosys has not only…
Imelda Marcos
  • Filipino politician

3. Imelda Marcos

Net Worth: $8 Billion

Imelda Marcos: The Fashion Icon, Political Powerhouse, and Billionaire Beauty Boss You NEED to Know About! She is the epitome of elegance, the queen of style, and a political force to be reckoned with. Imelda Marcos, the iconic Filipino politician and former First Lady of the Philippines, has captivated the world with her charisma and…
Pierre Cardin
  • Fashion designer

4. Pierre Cardin

Net Worth: $723 Million

Step into the revolutionary and glamorous world of Pierre Cardin, one of the most renowned fashion designers in history. Born on July 2, 1922 in Italy but raised in France, Cardin made a name for himself by daring to challenge conventional fashion norms with his futuristic designs that pushed boundaries and redefined what was possible.…
  • CEO

5. Richard McVey

Net Worth: $600 Million

From humble beginnings to commanding the financial industry, Richard McVey, the illustrious Chairman and CEO, has crafted an empire that leaves us breathless. With a staggering net worth of $600 million, this captivating American visionary is making waves far beyond Wall Street. In this exclusive exposé, we unveil the secret behind McVey's meteoric rise and…
  • Businessman

6. Martin Zweig

Net Worth: $600 Million

Meet Martin Zweig – the iconic, American businessperson and investor who was worth a whopping 600 million dollars at the time of his passing. Known for ‘the Zweig Forecast’ – an illustrious financial newsletter distributed to subscribers in the late 1990s, he made a name for himself as one of the most astute investors of…
Larry David
  • Actor

7. Larry David

Net Worth: $400 Million

From Seinfeld to Curb Your Enthusiasm, Larry David has redefined comedy with his uniquely dry wit and unparalleled knack for turning the mundane into pure hilarity. This enigmatic actor, born on July 2, 1947, in the United States of America, has become an icon in the entertainment industry. With a net worth of a staggering…
Christian Von Koenigsegg
  • Executives

8. Christian Von Koenigsegg

Net Worth: $100 Million

Introducing the game-changing mogul Christian Von Koenigsegg – founder of revolutionary Swedish car manufacturer Koenigsegg Automotive AB. Born on July 2, 1972 and currently boasting a net worth of $100 million, this man has single handedly revolutionised the concept of luxury cars by pushing innovation to its limits. From owning a hypercar company that changed…
Ginni Rometty
  • Businessman

9. Ginni Rometty

Net Worth: $90 Million

From a small-town girl to one of the most powerful women in business, Ginni Rometty's journey is nothing short of extraordinary. With her striking presence and impeccable fashion sense, this self-made billionaire has become an icon for aspiring businesswomen worldwide. In this exclusive article, we delve into the captivating biography of Ginni Rometty – the…
Richard Petty
  • Auto Racing

10. Richard Petty

Net Worth: $65 Million

Introducing the living legend of auto racing – Richard Petty! Born on July 2nd 1937, this seven-time NASCAR Cup Series champion and 200 race winner has since become an icon in US motorsport. With such a remarkable career, it makes sense that his current net worth is estimated at $65 million. But there’s more to…