Celebrities born on March 14

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Samuel Truett Cathy
  • Businessman

1. Samuel Truett Cathy

Net Worth: $6.6 Billion

From rags to riches, the extraordinary life of Samuel Truett Cathy, the man behind an empire worth billions! ? ?? ?✨ Prepare to be captivated by the remarkable tale of a visionary who turned a humble fast-food joint into a worldwide sensation. ? ??????? With an estimated net worth of $6.6 billion, this American entrepreneur…
  • Richest Billionaires

2. Teh Hong Piow

Net Worth: $5.49 Billion

Teh Hong Piow is a Malaysian entrepreneur who was born on March 14, 1930 and has achieved unfathomable success in the business world. He has ranked as one of Forbes' Richest Billionaires with an incredible net worth of $5.49 billion! This article will explore through interviews and personal insights the life and career of this…
S. Truett Cathy
  • Businessman

3. S. Truett Cathy

Net Worth: $4.2 Billion

From humble beginnings to building a billion-dollar empire, delve into the extraordinary life of S. Truett Cathy – the visionary behind Chick-fil-A's mouthwatering success. In this sensational biography, discover the secrets that propelled this American businessman to unparalleled heights, leaving an indelible mark on the fast-food industry. With a net worth of...
John Whittaker
  • Chairman

4. John Whittaker

Net Worth: $2.4 Billion

John Whittaker has been making waves in the business community since his rise to success as chairman of The Peel Group. From humble beginnings born on March 14, 1942 to becoming one of Britain's wealthiest with a net worth of $2.4 billion this self-made billionaire defies all odds and you're certainly going to want to…
William Ford Sr
  • Businessman

5. William Ford Sr

Net Worth: $1.25 Billion

William Ford Sr: The Billionaire Businessman Who Revolutionized the Automotive Industry. Prepare to be inspired by the extraordinary life story of William Ford Sr, a true American icon and visionary leader. With an impressive net worth of $1.25 billion, this self-made billionaire has not only left an indelible mark on the business world but also…
Prince Albert II
  • Head of the Princely House of Grimaldi

6. Prince Albert II

Net Worth: $1.2 Billion

Prince Albert II, one of the world's most captivating royals and reigning monarch of Monaco, was born on March 14th, 1958. His journey to royalty began when his father Prince Rainier III passed away in 2005 and it made him the head of the Princely House of Grimaldi. Nowadays Albert is one of the wealthiest…
Prince Albert II of Monaco
  • Head of the Princely House of Grimaldi

7. Prince Albert II of Monaco

Net Worth: $1 Billion

From the gilded halls of Monaco to the glamorous world stage, one man has captivated hearts and minds with his regal presence and enchanting charisma. Enter Prince Albert II of Monaco, the reigning monarch who embodies both power and allure in equal measure. With a birthdate that aligns perfectly with his destined path – March…
William Lerach
  • Lawyer

8. William Lerach

Net Worth: $900 Million

Introducing the one of the richest corporate litigation attorneys in the world: William Lerach. Famous for pioneering contingency-based legal fees, William has made a whopping $900 million! Dubbed as "the scourge of corporate America," this legal powerhouse was born on March 14th 1946 in United States of America and his career is still going strong…
Mike Lazaridis
  • BlackBerry Limited

9. Mike Lazaridis

Net Worth: $600 Million

Who is Mike Lazaridis? He's a self-made billionaire who made waves in the tech industry when he founded the groundbreaking company BlackBerry. Now, he's challenging himself to innovate yet again with his new venture: Quantum Valley Investments. With a net worth of over $600 million, this 61-year-old Turkish entrepreneur is on track to cementing his…
Daniel Meyer
  • Businessman

10. Daniel Meyer

Net Worth: $400 Million

From humble beginnings to soaring success, Daniel Meyer has built an empire that titillates the senses and tantalizes taste buds. With a diverse repertoire as an entrepreneur, businessman, sommelier, and restaurateur, Meyer has left an indelible mark on the culinary world. Soaring to prominence at just 24 years old when he opened his first gourmet…