Celebrities born on October 04

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Stefan Persson
  • Business magnate

1. Stefan Persson

Net Worth: $16.1 Billion

Meet Stefan Persson, the iconic Swedish business magnate and billionaire who has been at the top of his game for decades. With an estimated net worth of $16.1 billion, he is considered one of the world’s wealthiest individuals. Born on October 4th 1947 in Almhult, Sweden, Stefan started his own clothing retail chain that eventually…
Garrett Camp
  • Businessman

2. Garrett Camp

Net Worth: $2.5 Billion

From coding prodigy to self-made billionaire, Garrett Camp's extraordinary journey to success will leave you in awe! This tech tycoon has taken the world by storm with his revolutionary innovations, cementing his place in the pantheon of Silicon Valley legends. But who is Garrett Camp and how did he amass such a staggering fortune? In…
Linda McMahon
  • political executive

3. Linda McMahon

Net Worth: $2 Billion

Linda McMahon is the powerful and charismatic American woman who has made a lasting impact on the world of politics. With an impressive net worth of $2 billion, this former political executive has made history as one of the most influential women in her field. Born October 4th 1948, Linda McMahon has helped shape our…
Shin Dong-Joo
  • Chairman

4. Shin Dong-Joo

Net Worth: $1.7 Billion

Meet Shin Dong-Joo, the extraordinary South Korean entrepreneur worth $1.7 billion. Born on October 4th, 1922, he's currently the Chairman of Lotte Holdings and Vice President of Lotte Group (Japan). A rare talent in business strategy and a natural leader, he has achieved worldwide recognition for his contribution to the corporate world. This article delves…
Zhou Hongyi
  • Businessman

5. Zhou Hongyi

Net Worth: $1.7 Billion

Zhou Hongyi is the picture of success in business today. He is a Chinese entrepreneur and tech expert who first rose to prominence by leading Alibaba’s development and becoming one of the iconic "Alibaba Four". With his extremely successful business acumen, he has been able to amass a net worth estimated at 1.7 billion USD!…
Eugene Kaspersky
  • Inventor

6. Eugene Kaspersky

Net Worth: $800 Million

From humble beginnings to revolutionary innovations, Eugene Kaspersky has captivated the world with his brilliance and tenacity. This Russian inventor, born on October 4, 1965, has paved the way for a safer digital future like no other. With a staggering net worth of $800 million, Kaspersky is not just another ordinary name in the tech…
Ana Patricia Botin
  • Businessman

7. Ana Patricia Botin

Net Worth: $800 Million

Ana Patricia Botin is the iconic face of modern Spanish business, with an incredible net worth of $800 million. Born on October 4th 1960, she has been a prominent figure in the corporate world for decades. But despite her status as one of Europe's wealthiest women and chairperson for one of Spain's largest banks, very…
Russell Simmons
  • Businessman

8. Russell Simmons

Net Worth: $340 Million

From humble beginnings to an empire worth millions, Russell Simmons has crafted a life that reads like a captivating modern fairytale. This legendary businessman and mogul is renowned for shaping the very foundation of Hip Hop culture and revolutionizing the music industry as we know it. But that's not all – there's so much more…
Jackie Collins
  • Novelist

9. Jackie Collins

Net Worth: $180 Million

Jackie Collins is a beloved novelist and the ultimate literary icon of her time. Famed for her works such as "Hollywood Wives" and "Lucky Santangelo", she has been entertaining readers around the world for decades. Born in 1937, this glamorous British-American writer has amassed an impressive $180 million net worth over the years that have…
Derrick Rose
  • Athlete

10. Derrick Rose

Net Worth: $100 Million

Derrick Rose is one of the most successful and iconic professional basketball players of all time. Born on October 4, 1988 in Chicago, Illinois, Rose has become a global phenomenon thanks to his incredible skill set and dedication to the game. He currently holds an impressive net worth of $100 million and is still playing…