Celebrities born on October 08

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Terry Gou
  • Businessman

1. Terry Gou

Net Worth: $6.61 Billion

This article is for all the curious minds out there who want to know the secret behind Terry Gou's success. Who is Terry Gou? He is a Chinese businessman and the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Foxconn, one of the world's largest electronics manufacturers. Born on October 8, 1950, in Taoyuan City, Taiwan, he…
  • Richest Billionaires

2. Renate Reimann-Haas

Net Worth: $3.5 Billion

Renate Reimann-Haas is making waves in the billionaire world and showing girls everywhere that success has no gender. Born on October 8th, 1951, the German entrepreneur has amassed a fortune of $3.5 billion, making her one of the wealthiest people on earth. But it wasn't an easy journey to get there; she worked relentlessly to…
Reed Hastings
  • CEO

3. Reed Hastings

Net Worth: $840 Million

From humble beginnings to a net worth of $840 million, Reed Hastings's meteoric rise as the CEO of a global entertainment powerhouse has captivated audiences worldwide. This visionary entrepreneur and mastermind behind the renowned streaming platform Netflix has revolutionized the way we consume media. But what lies beneath his colossal success? In this tantalizing...
R. L. Stine
  • Actor

4. R. L. Stine

Net Worth: $200 Million

Welcome to the world of R.L. Stine—the king of horror and spine-chilling tales! With an impressive $200 million net worth, this American novelist and screenwriter from Columbus, Ohio has created universes filled with fear and suspense for over five decades now. Born on October 8th 1943, Stine is well known for being the creator behind…
Bruno Mars
  • Actor

5. Bruno Mars

Net Worth: $175 Million

From humble beginnings to a global sensation, Bruno Mars has captivated audiences worldwide with his out-of-this-world talent. With his charming looks and undeniable charisma, this Grammy-winning artist has become a force in the music industry, enchanting fans with his soulful voice and mesmerizing performances. But there's more to Bruno than meets the eye. In this...
Matt Damon
  • Actor

6. Matt Damon

Net Worth: $160 Million

This is a story of a remarkable man! Matt Damon is an American actor, born on October 8, 1970. He's known for his outstanding performances in films such as The Martian, Good Will Hunting and the Bourne series. As one of the most iconic actors in Hollywood with a net worth of $160 million, he…
Arlene Dickinson
  • Actor

7. Arlene Dickinson

Net Worth: $100 Million

From humble beginnings to captivating the business world, Arlene Dickinson's inspiring journey is one for the books. This extraordinary South African-born entrepreneur has not only amassed a staggering net worth of $100 million, but she continues to break barriers and make waves in various industries. Known as a formidable force in Canadian business circles, Dickinson...
Sigourney Weaver
  • Actor

8. Sigourney Weaver

Net Worth: $60 Million

Sigourney Weaver, the iconic American actor and voice actor, has captured the hearts of millions with her compelling on-screen performances. From sci-fi blockbuster hits to critically acclaimed dramas, Weaver has made a name for herself in Hollywood as one of the greatest actresses of all time. But what led her to become such a prolific…
Chevy Chase
  • Actor

9. Chevy Chase

Net Worth: $50 Million

Chevy Chase has come a long way since his iconic debut in 1975's "National Lampoon's Animal House". The towering figure not only revolutionized the world of comedy but also left an indelible impression on our collective memory. With a net worth of $50 million and an extraordinary body of work, including classics such as Caddyshack…
Angus T. Jones
  • Actor

10. Angus T. Jones

Net Worth: $20 Million

From child star to multi-millionaire, Angus T. Jones has come a long way since his days as the lovable Jake Harper on Two and a Half Men. With a net worth of $20 million and a career that spans over two decades, this actor-turned-singer is one of Hollywood's most intriguing personalities. In this exclusive biography,…