Celebrities born on October 21

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Jordan McGraw
  • Rock Stars

11. Jordan McGraw

Net Worth: $25 Million

Jordan McGraw: From Rock Star to Global Phenomenon – Unveiling the Secrets Behind His Rise to Fame! Get ready to rock out as we delve into the extraordinary life of Jordan McGraw, the music sensation that has taken the world by storm! With his electrifying performances and undeniable talent, this charismatic rocker has captured the…
Herman den Blijker
  • TV Personality

12. Herman den Blijker

Net Worth: $25 Million

From humble beginnings to culinary stardom, get ready to dive into the extraordinary life of celebrity chef and TV personality, Herman den Blijker. Renowned for his bold personality and fiery passion for all things food, den Blijker has become an icon in the world of gastronomy. This captivating article takes you behind the scenes of…
Lee Chong Wei
  • Sportsperson

13. Lee Chong Wei

Net Worth: $16 Million

Meet Lee Chong Wei – the badminton player that changed Malaysia's sports history! The famous athlete and self-made millionaire was born in 1982 and has become one of the most successful players on the world stage. He holds numerous records, including becoming Malaysia's longest reigning number 1 male badminton player as well as winning 78…
Nemanja Vidić
  • Soccer Player

14. Nemanja Vidić

Net Worth: $16 Million

Nemanja Vidić is the iconic Serbian soccer player whose name is synonymous with excellence. Born Oct. 21, 1981, in Sremska Mitrovica, Serbia, he started his senior career at the age of 20 and quickly rose to fame for his brilliant defensive game. With powerful tackling skills and tremendous technique on aerial balls, it's no wonder…
Georg Solti
  • Conductor

15. Georg Solti

Net Worth: $16 Million

Unveiling the Extraordinary Life of Georg Solti: The Maestro who Conducted Symphonies and Captivated Hearts. Prepare to be dazzled by the illustrious journey of one of music's most iconic figures, as we delve into the captivating biography of Hungarian-born conductor, Georg Solti. With an awe-inspiring career spanning decades, this legendary maestro has left an indelible...
Lee Loughnane
  • Musician

16. Lee Loughnane

Net Worth: $16 Million

From the golden age of rock to the iconic soundtracks of our lives, Lee Loughnane has been an instrumental force in the music industry. As a founding member and trumpeter for the famed rock band Chicago, his mesmerizing melodies have captivated audiences worldwide. With his signature style and soulful performances, Loughnane has left an indelible…
Willis McGahee
  • NFL Player

17. Willis McGahee

Net Worth: $14 Million

Willis McGahee is an American former NFL player and businessman known for his time spent on the Buffalo Bills, Baltimore Ravens, and Denver Broncos. The now 38-year-old's career has been marked by incredible feats of athleticism as well as a business acumen that has enabled him to amass a net worth estimated at around $14…
Benjamin Netanyahu
  • Architect

18. Benjamin Netanyahu

Net Worth: $13 Million

Benjamin Netanyahu is an iconic figure in Israeli politics who has served as the nation's Prime Minister for over a decade and counting. His recognizable features have become synonymous with Israel leadership. But there's much more to this influential man than what the public sees on television news reports. Netanyahu, a politician, diplomat, architect, and…
  • Athlete

19. Greg Robinson (NFL)

Net Worth: $12 Million

Get ready to swoon over the man who's not only conquering the football field but also our hearts! Introducing Greg Robinson, the hunky NFL star who's making headlines both on and off the gridiron. With his chiseled physique and undeniable talent, it's no wonder he has become a household name in American sports. Born on…
Amber Rose
  • Actor

20. Amber Rose

Net Worth: $12 Million

Amber Rose is a name that needs no introduction in the entertainment industry. This multi-talented actor, model, and businesswoman has taken Hollywood by storm with her fierce personality and stunning looks. Born on October 21, 1983, in Philadelphia, Amber rose to fame as a model and later ventured into acting. With an estimated net worth…