Celebrities born on October 26

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Mohammad Reza Pahlavi
  • Royalty

1. Mohammad Reza Pahlavi

Net Worth: $2 Billion

Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the last shah of Iran and one of the most influential figures in modern Middle Eastern history, was born on October 26th, 1919. The wealthy leader lived a life filled with luxury and extravagance – and he had the $2 billion net worth to prove it! Through his grandiose rule over Iran,…
Uhuru Kenyatta
  • President of Kenya

2. Uhuru Kenyatta

Net Worth: $550 Million

Uhuru Kenyatta is one of the most influential and powerful African leaders. He is the fourth and current president of Kenya, his home country that he loves dearly. Born on October 26, 1961 in Nairobi, Uhuru has been a major public figure since the 90's when he first rose to heights in politics. But it…
Seth MacFarlane
  • Actor

3. Seth MacFarlane

Net Worth: $330 Million

From creating one of TV's most beloved animated families to conquering the silver screen, Seth MacFarlane has solidified his place as a multifaceted entertainment powerhouse. The man behind the iconic "Family Guy" series and its spin-offs is not just a talented actor but a creative force on all fronts. With an impressive $330 million net…
Jaclyn Smith
  • Actress

4. Jaclyn Smith

Net Worth: $160 Million

Jaclyn Smith, the American actress and fashion icon, was born on October 26th 1945 and has been the epitome of beauty for a whole generation. From her glamorous roles in Charlie's Angels to her coveted leading parts in television movies, Jaclyn Smith has long been regarded as a Hollywood star. With a net worth of…
Keith Urban
  • Actor

5. Keith Urban

Net Worth: $75 Million

Keith Urban: The Enigmatic Virtuoso who Redefines the Music Scene. Prepare to be mesmerized by his remarkable journey from the land down under! In a world of glittering talent, Keith Urban shines brighter than ever as he captivates hearts across the globe with his magnetic stage presence and extraordinary musicianship. From humble beginnings in Australia…
Pat Sajak
  • Actor

6. Pat Sajak

Net Worth: $55 Million

From spinning the wheel of fortune to captivating audiences with his charismatic charm, Pat Sajak has become a household name. As an esteemed TV personality, actor, and talk show host, he has captured the hearts of millions across America. But there's so much more to this enigmatic figure than meets the eye! In this exclusive…
Jonathan Murray
  • Film Producer

7. Jonathan Murray

Net Worth: $50 Million

From fascinating documentaries that redefine reality television to groundbreaking cultural phenomena, Jonathan Murray has captivated audiences worldwide with his unique storytelling approach. As the visionary behind some of the most iconic TV shows of our time, he revolutionized an industry and carved a path for future generations. Born on October 26th, 1954 in the United...
Judge Jules
  • DJ

8. Judge Jules

Net Worth: $42 Million

Judge Jules is one of the most influential and iconic DJs in history, having taken the world of EDM by storm for decades. Born on October 26th 1966, this British DJ has become a household name thanks to his genius music selection and ability to move the crowd. With a net worth of $42 Million,…
Miikka Kiprusoff
  • Hockey

9. Miikka Kiprusoff

Net Worth: $40 Million

Miikka Kiprusoff, the Finnish former professional ice hockey player and net worth of $40 million dollars, is nothing short of a real-life superhero. Born on October 26, 1976 in Turku, Finland, Kiprusoff is widely renowned as one of the best goaltenders to have ever graced the ice rink—as well as one of his home country’s…
Kelly Rowan
  • Actress

10. Kelly Rowan

Net Worth: $25 Million

Canadian actress Kelly Rowan has defined the meaning of success, fame and fortune. With an impressive net worth of $25 million, Rowan is one of the outstanding names in the film industry. The 65-year-old star is best known for her role as Kirsten Cohen on the hit TV show The O.C., which aired from 2003…