Denise Richards and her family are set to star in a new reality show on E!. Announced on June 10


Denise Richards and her family are set to star in a new reality show on E!. Announced on June 10, the show titled “Denise Richards and the Wild Things,” is scheduled for a 2025 premiere. This marks a return to reality television for Richards, who previously starred in “Denise Richards: It’s Complicated” from 2008 to 2009.

Richards, at age 53, will not only star in the upcoming series but also serve as an executive producer. She expressed her excitement about coming back to E!, noting that her daughters Sami and Lola were very young during their first reality TV experience. “My family and I are thrilled to return home to E! Sami and Lola were just three and four years old when we first shared our story and now we’ve come full circle,” said Richards.

Joining Denise in this new venture are her daughters Sami Sheen, age 20, Lola Sheen, age 19, adopted daughter Eloise, age 12, and husband Aaron Phypers. The show promises to give viewers insight into Richards’ multifaceted life – a mix of fun, love, and unpredictability. “This is the perfect partnership for our family’s series as our lives are full of fun, love and unpredictability, and we can’t wait for the audience to share this adventure with us,” commented Denise on the production.

Veteran producer Alex Baskin, known for his work on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” (RHOBH), will also serve as an executive producer for this series. Rachel Smith from NBCUniversal highlighted Denise’s influence in pop culture stating, “Denise Richards is a pop culture force and no stranger to capturing the public’s attention.”

The announcement marks a significant moment for fans who followed Richard’s previous portrayal of her life milestones including her challenging times post-divorce from actor Charlie Sheen. Viewers can anticipate an intimate exploration of Richard’s journey as she maneuvers through even more complex dynamics with her family.

In conclusion, Denise Richards intertwines professional engagements with personal life revelations drawing fans closer into what she describes as their famous yet relatable existence. As they prepare for their television comeback amidst growing anticipation, their story continues to resonate well beyond traditional tv settings due mainly to sincerity and spirited personality that Denise consistently brings into public life.

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