Celebrities named BJ

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B.J. Penn
  • Athlete

1. B.J. Penn

Net Worth: $22 Million

B.J. Penn is an inspirational American athlete and UFC Hall of Famer who has made his mark on the history of mixed martial arts. Thanks to a winning combination of agility, strength, and skill, this Hawaiian-born fighter rose to fame at a young age and earned himself an impressive net worth of $22 million in…
BJ Novak
  • Actor

2. BJ Novak

Net Worth: $10 Million

From acting to writing, BJ Novak has become a multi-talented superstar. Born on July 31st, 1979 in the United States of America, he's made a name for himself in Hollywood and beyond. Whether you know him from his role as Ryan Howard on The Office or from his countless TV appearances and film roles, there's…
BJ Thomas
  • Actor

3. BJ Thomas

Net Worth: $5 Million

Meet the Legendary American Icon: BJ Thomas – The Voice that Echoes Through Generations! From chart-topping hits to a captivating screen presence, this sensational singer, actor, and musician has conquered it all. With a remarkable career spanning over five decades, BJ Thomas has become an epitome of musical brilliance and inspiration. In this exclusive biography,…
BJ The Chicago Kid
  • Musician

4. BJ The Chicago Kid

Net Worth: $2 Million

From the streets of Chicago to the center stage of the music industry, meet BJ The Chicago Kid: a rising star with soul-stirring melodies and an undeniable charisma. At just 36 years old, this talented singer and musician has captured the hearts of millions worldwide. But who is this enigmatic artist behind chart-topping hits? In…