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Debra Lee
  • Businessman

1. Debra Lee

Net Worth: $30 Million

From humble beginnings to becoming a trailblazing business tycoon, Debra Lee has conquered every obstacle on her path to success. As the former CEO and Chairman of BET Networks, she revolutionized the media industry by amplifying diverse voices and creating an unparalleled platform for African-American culture. Now, in this exclusive tell-all biography, we unveil the...
Debra Messing
  • Actress

2. Debra Messing

Net Worth: $25 Million

Debra Messing: The Graceful Actress Who Continues to Captivate. From her breakthrough role in Will & Grace, to her Emmy-nominated performances on-stage and screen, Debra Messing is one of Hollywood's most formidable talents. With a career spanning three decades, she has made audiences laugh, cry and feel all the emotions in-between. But there's more than…
Debra Winger
  • Actor

3. Debra Winger

Net Worth: $16 Million

Debra Winger, the celebrated American actress and producer, is one of Hollywood's most renowned figures. Born on May 16, 1955 and boasting an impressive net worth of $16 Million, Winger has achieved acclaim for her wide-ranging performances in smash hits such as An Officer and a Gentleman or Shadowlands. To this day, she continues to…
Debra Paget
  • Actor

4. Debra Paget

Net Worth: $10 Million

Debra Paget is a living legend in the world of entertainment. Born on August 19, 1933, this multi-talented American actress has been captivating audiences for almost seven decades with her enchanting beauty, mesmerizing acting skills and vivacious screen presence. Her long dark hair is her trademark and her movies are a must-watch for any cinephile.…
Debra Antney
  • Businesswoman

5. Debra Antney

Net Worth: $7 Million

From managing some of hip-hop's biggest names to building her own empire, Debra Antney has become a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry. As a savvy businesswoman and entrepreneur extraordinaire, she has amassed an impressive net worth of $7 million and continues to thrive in her field. In this exclusive tell-all article,…
Debra L. Lee
  • Businesswoman

6. Debra L. Lee

Net Worth: $5.5 Million

From humble beginnings to becoming a formidable force in the entertainment industry, Debra L. Lee's journey is one of true inspiration. As a businesswoman and former CEO, Lee has defied all odds to redefine success on her own terms. With an impressive net worth of $5.5 million, this captivating leader has not only shattered glass…
Debra Jo Rupp
  • Actor

7. Debra Jo Rupp

Net Worth: $5 Million

Welcome to a world of fame, fortune, and style! Meet Debra Jo Rupp, the sensational actress and voice actor from America that has taken Hollywood by storm. With an estimated net worth of five million dollars, Debra’s success is a remarkable story in itself. Born February 24th 1951, her career has spanned decades in which…
Debra Monk
  • Actress

8. Debra Monk

Net Worth:

From Broadway to Hollywood, Debra Monk has captivated audiences with her undeniable talent and magnetic presence. This icon of the stage and screen is not just another actress but a force to be reckoned with. In this exclusive tell-all biography, we delve deep into the life of Debra Monk – an extraordinary woman who defied…