Celebrities named Eddie

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Eddie Piolin Sotelo
  • Actor

11. Eddie Piolin Sotelo

Net Worth: $25 Million

For all the fans out there, we are thrilled to announce that we have an exclusive article about the famous Mexican radio personality and actor Eddie Piolin Sotelo. You might be asking yourself, "who is Eddie Píolin Sotelo," and why this article is worth reading? Well, he is a highly successful media celebrity who has…
Eddie George
  • Actor

12. Eddie George

Net Worth: $23 Million

Step into the world of Eddie George, legendary American Football player, actor and athlete. Born on September 24th 1973, Eddie made waves in the American Football scene for his incredible talent on the field as well as off it. His career has been filled with awards and recognition such as being a four-time Pro Bowl…
Eddie Izzard
  • Actor

13. Eddie Izzard

Net Worth: $20 Million

From the stages of comedy clubs to the silver screen, one man has captivated audiences worldwide with his wit, charm, and unapologetic style. Meet Eddie Izzard: the trailblazing comedian turned actor who is redefining what it means to be a star. With a career spanning decades and an impressive net worth of $20 million, he's…
Eddie Levert
  • Actor

14. Eddie Levert

Net Worth: $18 Million

From soulful melodies to chart-topping hits, Eddie Levert has captivated audiences with his iconic voice and magnetic stage presence. A true legend in the music industry, this singer-songwriter extraordinaire has been making hearts swoon for decades. But there's more to Eddie than meets the eye – he's not just a talented performer, but also a…
Eddie Murray
  • Athlete

15. Eddie Murray

Net Worth: $13 Million

Eddie Murray, legendary baseball player and influential coach, is a figure that has defined America's love for the sport. With his remarkable career stats and unmatched talent, Murray has left an indelible mark in baseball history that few have been able to replicate. But there's more to his story than just being one of the…
Eddie Money
  • Guitarist

16. Eddie Money

Net Worth: $12 Million

"From Police Officer to Rockstar Sensation: The Extraordinary Journey of Eddie Money Revealed! ? ??????? Get ready to dive into the dazzling life and career of the iconic singer-songwriter, Eddie Money, in this exclusive biography that will leave you gasping for more! ✨???? Born on March 21, 1949, Eddie Money's path to stardom was anything…
Eddie Cibrian
  • Actor

17. Eddie Cibrian

Net Worth: $12 Million

With a dashing smile and commanding presence, Eddie Cibrian is nothing short of Hollywood royalty. The American actor, born on June 16th 1973, has become a household name due to his leading roles in television series such as Third Watch (1999-2005), CSI: Miami (2002-2012), and most recently NBC's hit drama Missing (2016). With a net…
Eddie Kramer
  • Actor

18. Eddie Kramer

Net Worth: $10 Million

Exclusive Insider Peek Into the Extraordinary Life of Eddie Kramer: Music Maestro or Mastermind? Prepare to be captivated by the mesmerizing saga of musical genius and living legend, Eddie Kramer. Renowned for his groundbreaking contributions as a record producer, engineer, musician, actor, and audio engineer extraordinaire, this enigmatic maestro has enchanted audiences...
Eddie Montgomery
  • Musician

19. Eddie Montgomery

Net Worth: $10 Million

From humble beginnings to country music stardom, Eddie Montgomery has captured hearts worldwide with his powerful and soulful vocals. As one half of the iconic duo Montgomery Gentry, he has left an indelible mark on the industry and continues to reign as a celebrated singer and musician. But who is the man behind the music?…
  • Baseball player

20. Eddie Murray (MLB)

Net Worth: $9 Million

From the baseball diamond to coaching greatness, Eddie Murray has conquered every step of his remarkable journey. With an illustrious career spanning decades, this MLB legend has become synonymous with talent, determination, and sheer power. Prepare to be mesmerized as we delve into the captivating biography of Eddie Murray and uncover the secrets behind his…