Celebrities named Ernest

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  • Businessman

1. Ernest Garcia, II

Net Worth: $7 Billion

Ernest Garcia, II is an iconic American businessman, born on May 1, 1957. His life story of achieving humongous success against all odds is both fascinating and inspiring. He has accumulated a staggering net worth of $7 billion despite his humble beginnings as the son of immigrants. Boasting substantial investments in multiple sectors including retail…
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2. Ernest Rady

Net Worth: $500 Million

Ernest Rady is one of the most successful billionaires of this generation. With a net worth of over $500 million, he has made his fortune through savvy investments in multiple industries all over the world. But there’s more to this glamorous mogul than meets the eye. Get ready to dig deep into Ernest Rady’s incredible…
Ernest Borgnine
  • Actor

3. Ernest Borgnine

Net Worth: $15 Million

Ernest Borgnine – a true Hollywood icon, with a career spanning six decades. He's known for his gripping performances that won audiences over time and again as well as his infectious smile that was highlighted by the gap in between his front teeth. Throughout his life, he led an interesting journey that ranged from serving…
Ernest Hemingway
  • Author

4. Ernest Hemingway

Net Worth: $9.5 Million

Ernest Hemingway was one of America's most esteemed authors, a Nobel Prize laureate and Pulitzer Prize winner. He left an imperishable legacy in 20th century literature that still reverberates to this day. Born on July 21, 1899 in Oak Park, Illinois, the iconic author is well-known for his intellectual works such as The Sun Also…
Ernest Miller
  • Athlete

5. Ernest Miller

Net Worth: $4 Million

From the ruthless ring to the silver screen, Ernest Miller has truly conquered every arena he sets his sights on. This athletic sensation has left an indelible mark on the world of sports, captivating audiences with his electrifying performances and unparalleled charisma. But what lies beyond the glitz and glory? In this tantalizing tell-all, we…
Ernest Adams
  • Actor

6. Ernest Adams

Net Worth: $1 Million

From Hollywood's silver screens to the dazzling stage, delve into the captivating life of Ernest Adams – the enigmatic actor who has captured audiences with his undeniable charm and talent. As we unveil the secrets behind his illustrious career, prepare to be enthralled by this mesmerizing tale of triumph and passion that is sure to…
Ernest Cline
  • Artist

7. Ernest Cline

Net Worth: $1 Million

Ernest Cline is an American novelist, screenwriter, artist and poet best known for his 2011 novel Ready Player One. Hailed as a modern science fiction cult classic, the New York Times bestselling book has recently been adapted into a movie directed by Steven Spielberg. From humble beginnings to becoming one of the most acclaimed authors…
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8. Ernest Lee Thomas

Net Worth: $500 Thousand

Discover the inspiring life and career of Ernest Lee Thomas, one of America’s most beloved actors! Born on March 26, 1949 in the United States, this talented actor has been delighting fans for decades. With a net worth of $500 thousand to his name, Thomas is an undeniable success story. From his hilarious roles in…