Celebrities named Greg

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Greg Renker
  • Co-Chairman

1. Greg Renker

Net Worth: $500 Million

From rags to riches, Greg Renker's remarkable journey will leave you spellbound! As the co-founder and co-chairman of one of America's most influential companies, this self-made billionaire has conquered the business world with his visionary mindset. Today, we delve into the awe-inspiring biography of a man who epitomizes success against all odds. Prepare to be...
Greg Norman
  • Architect

2. Greg Norman

Net Worth: $300 Million

Greg Norman is a man of many talents, making a remarkable impact on the world of sports, fashion, architecture, and business. Born in Australia on February 10th 1955, Norman achieved international fame through his achievements as one of the best professional golfers in history. Thanks to his iconic "shark" logo he has become an icon…
Greg Berlanti
  • TV Personality

3. Greg Berlanti

Net Worth: $200 Million

From a savvy TV showrunner to a master of storytelling, Greg Berlanti has captivated audiences worldwide with his unrivaled talent and creative genius. With a net worth of $200 million, this visionary TV personality is an unstoppable force in the industry. But what sets him apart from the rest? In our exclusive biography, we dive…
Greg Gianforte
  • Politician

4. Greg Gianforte

Net Worth: $135 Million

Meet Greg Gianforte, the tech entrepreneur turned politician and multimillionaire. Born on April 17, 1961, in San Jose, California, he is an all-American success story with a net worth of $135 million. From co-founding one of Montana's largest software companies to becoming its lone Congressman in Congress – he has come a long way! An…
  • Businessperson

5. Greg Glassman

Net Worth: $100 Million

From rags to riches: The extraordinary journey of Greg Glassman, the self-made fitness mogul who is taking the world by storm! This captivating article unveils the fascinating life story of a man who transformed his passion into an empire worth $100 million. Prepare to be inspired as we delve into Glassman's rise from a humble…
Greg Gutfeld
  • Talk show host

6. Greg Gutfeld

Net Worth: $84 Million

Greg Gutfeld is a revolutionary talk-show host who has become one of the most influential hosts in American media. From his humble roots starting out as a staff writer for Prevention magazine, to now hosting his own show on Fox News, Greg's career is nothing short of inspiring. With a whopping net worth of $84…
Greg Maddux
  • Major League baseball player

7. Greg Maddux

Net Worth: $70 Million

Greg Maddux is a name synonymous with Major League Baseball history, and for good reason: he's one of the greatest pitchers to ever grace the field. Born in 1966, this American athlete made a name for himself through his incredible precision and ability to read batters' tendencies like an open book. With a net worth…
Greg Biffle
  • Car Racer

8. Greg Biffle

Net Worth: $50 Million

Meet Greg Biffle, the king of the racetrack! Born in Oregon on December 23, 1969, this professional car racer has established himself as one of the most successful and respected names in Motorsports. With an impressive net worth reaching $50 million, it's no secret why he's been a fan favorite for years. But what is…
Greg LeMond
  • Road Racing Cyclist

9. Greg LeMond

Net Worth: $42 Million

Greg LeMond is an American road racing cyclist whose net worth sits at an impressive $42 million. Born in 1961, the former professional athlete won a total of three Tour de France titles and earned the title of first American-born cyclist to do so. Greg has also been credited with pioneering new technology in cycling,…
Greg Kinnear
  • Actor

10. Greg Kinnear

Net Worth: $30 Million

Lights, camera, action! Hollywood's heartthrob Greg Kinnear has been making his mark in Tinseltown since the 90s and still continues to captivate audiences with his charm and versatility. With a career spanning over three decades, this Oscar-nominated actor has showcased his talents in various genres – from romantic comedies like "As Good as It Gets"…